Free Mitsubishi PLC Online Training Course and Tutorials

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the popular PLC manufacturers in the world. Mitsubishi offers free PLC programming courses for automation engineers to learn about the PLC basics, industrial networks, types of products, and PLC software.

Mitsubishi provides two types of e-learning materials on PLC basics and programming.

The first category is in the form of setup files (“.exe”) for each PLC training course.

The second category is in the form of PDF document files for each PLC training course.

Free Online Mitsubishi PLC Training Course

Free Mitsubishi PLC Online Training Courses
Image Courtesy: Mitsubishi

Learn how to use the PLC course setup/application files.

Follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. You must have a laptop or desktop.
  2. Download the .exe application files for the PLC training course.
  3. Right-click on the application files (.exe).
  4. Click on the “Run as Administrator” option.
  5. Now a Pop-up window may open and click on “Yes”. (optional)
  6. Now PLC course will be opened.
  7. Repeat the above steps for other course modules.

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Follow the below animation to start learning the Mitsubishi programmable logic controllers using the downloaded learning material.

Wait and Watch from the beginning to understand how to use the PLC course files.

Mitsubishi PLC Training Course

You can download the PLC course files from the below table.

Mitsubishi PLC TrainingCourse
Mitsubishi PLC Programming BasicsDownload
Mitsubishi PLC Structure Text ProgrammingDownload
Mitsubishi PLC System MaintenanceDownload
Mitsubishi PLC ApplicationsDownload
Serial Communication TrainingDownload
Mitsubishi iQ-F (FX5) Series PLC TrainingDownload
Mitsubishi iQ-F (FX5) Simple Motion ModuleDownload
Mitsubishi Q-Series PLC Basic CourseDownload
Mitsubishi L-Series PLC Basic CourseDownload
Mitsubishi iQ-R Series PLC TrainingDownload
PLC ApplicationsDownload
Good PLC ProgrammingDownload

The below table provides the Mitsubishi training courses on ladder logic programming, industrial automation communication, and PLC programming software.

Industrial Networks & SoftwareCourse
Ethernet Training CourseDownload
Mitsubishi GX-Works 2 Software Basic Training CourseDownload
Mitsubishi GX-Works 2 Software Advanced Training CourseDownload
Mitsubishi GX-Works 3 Software Training CourseDownload
Mitsubishi MR-J4 Servo – Basic Training CourseDownload
CC-Link Training CourseDownload
CC-Link iE Field Training CourseDownload

Mitsubishi PLC Tutorials

Mitsubishi PLC Programming Tutorials
Image Courtesy: Mitsubishi

The below table provides the Mitsubishi PLC tutorials and training courses in the form of PDF documents.

PLC TutorialsPDF
PLC Training for beginnersClick Here
PLC Ladder ProgramingClick Here
HMI Training for beginnersClick Here
PLC Structured Text Programing (ST)Click Here
PLC System Maintenance Training for beginnersClick Here
Efficient PLC ProgrammingClick Here
Industrial Network Training for beginnersClick Here
Inverters Training for beginnersClick Here
Applications of PLC ProgrammingClick Here
Ladder Diagram TutorialClick Here
Industrial Robots Training for beginnersClick Here
Position Control Training for beginnersClick Here
Servo Training for beginnersClick Here
Power Distribution Control Training for beginnersClick Here
Process Control System Training for beginnersClick Here
Positioning Training CourseClick Here
MELSEC Process ControlClick Here
Human-Machine Interface (HMI) – GOTClick Here
Manufacturing Visualization BasicsClick Here
Safety System Training CourseClick Here
Safety CPU BasicsClick Here
Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker TrainingClick Here
Contactors and Motor Starters TrainingClick Here
Mitsubishi PLC Course Modules
Image Courtesy: Mitsubishi

The below table provides the PLC training course documents on different PLC products of Mitsubishi and their PLC software programming.

Mitsubishi PLC SoftwarePDF
GX Works 2 Basics PLC TutorialsClick Here
GX Works 2 Advanced PLC TutorialsClick Here
GX Works 3 (Ladder) PLC TutorialsClick Here
MELSEC iQ-F Series PLC TutorialsClick Here
MELSEC iQ-R Series Basics PLC TutorialsClick Here
MELSEC-L Series PLC TutorialsClick Here
MELSEC-Q Series PLC TutorialsClick Here

The below table provides the training course documents on serial communication, ethernet, CC-link industrial communication.

Industrial CommunicationPDF
Serial Communication Training CourseClick Here
Ethernet Training CourseClick Here
Intelligent Function ModuleClick Here
CC-Link Training CourseClick Here
CC-Link IE Field NetworkClick Here
CC-Link IE Controller NetworkClick Here
CC-Link IE TSNClick Here
Basics of CC-LinkClick Here

Source: Mitsubishi

Best Online PLC Training Courses

The below table provides you with the popular online PLC courses. Check it out.

1All PLC CoursesClick Here
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3Allen Bradley PLC ProgrammingClick Here
4Siemens Tia Portal ProgrammingClick Here
5FactoryTalk View ME HMIClick Here
6PointIO Hardware & SoftwareClick Here
7PowerFlex 525 Variable Frequency DriveClick Here
8Cognex In-Sight Machine VisionClick Here
9Introduction to PLCNextClick Here

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