Free Instrumentation Course for Trainee Engineers

Download the free online Instrumentation and Control Course to study and learn about the basics of the industrial process automation. This is mainly useful for trainee engineers.

It is a text-based course that focuses on the basics and overview of industrial instrumentation.

Instrumentation Course

Free Instrumentation Course

Course Topics

  • Introduction to measurements and control concepts
  • Pressure measurement
  • Flow measurement
  • Level measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Control Valves
  • Process Control Loops
  • Control Systems (PLC, DCS, SCADA)

Click on the below link to start to download the instrumentation course.

Download Link – 2

Important Notes:

  1. Do NOT open the files online. You have to download the complete folder.
  2. Download & Extract the folder.
  3. Open the Index.Html file to start the course.
  4. Use Laptop or Desktop for rar/zip file extraction.
  5. Mobile not recommended, you may get some error.

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  2. Bhardwaj reddy garu,

    I am Dr.Vidyasagar working as a professor in VNR Vignan JyoThi Institute of Technology. As an Instrumentation Engineer , i proud to associate with you. The information you provided is excellent. during my course of work, I did not experienced like you demonstrated. The syllabus in instrumentation Engineering totally runaway from the actual instrumentation.
    nice to know you
    thanks for providing the information.

  3. this is a thank you from me. simply put; concise and informative. just what I needed to review the subject. it is all categorized and well developed.


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Free Instrumentation Course for Trainee Engineers

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