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S Bharadwaj Reddy

Information held on this website is intended for your general information, and as such should only be treated as a guide.

The information provided on this site is for information purposes only. While every effort is made to keep this site up to date, comments are welcome for maintenance efforts. The owner accepts no liability for damages that any configuration or testing may incur.

All guides are copyright of the owner. Every effort is made to provide sources from which guides are derived, however oversights happen. If you believe your site has not been credited please contact me to rectify the issue.

Here the published articles includes both own editor articles and some are taken from different sources of internet and majorly from famous industries related to instrumentation.

InstrumentationTools.com only motive is to share the knowledgeable articles related to instrumentation.

I do respect copyrights and i know there are some violations of posts (old articles) which are published during my blog starting days. some violations like animation credits/source missing, articles source missing etc. if you are happy with knowledge sharing then give me a chance to correct these, Just send me a mail & mention the details.

Even if you want to take it down, Please send me a mail with details.

For any copyright related issues, Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Action will be taken in 10 working days.


S Bharadwaj Reddy

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