Part Time Job


Are you interested to share your knowledge with our community? Have some free time? then this is the right place for you to join our team of experts.

We accept articles on PLC, DCS, SCADA, Control Systems, Instruments, Analyzers, or any topic related to Instrumentation, Electronics, and Electrical Engineering.

Note: You must have related work or teaching experience.


  1. Select your Topics
  2. Send us the article titles to our email
  3. You will get the confirmation status
  4. Prepare the article
  5. Send us the finished article
  6. Repeat the above steps for every article

Points to Note

  • You must mention the “Part-time job” text in your email while contacting us.
  • You must have related industrial experience or from a teaching profession.
  • Articles from the internet, websites, books are not accepted but you can use them as references.
  • You must write the article on your own.
  • Copying is not allowed. Not even a single line from any type of source.
  • Re-publication of any of your published article is prohibited.


The payments are considered as an incentive only, to encourage/motivates knowledge sharing. No one can evaluate your knowledge.

We pay Rs 500 /-  per article. (Indian Rupees)

Monthly  = 30 days x 1 Article per day  = Rs 15,000/- Per Month

There is no limit on the number of articles per day/month.

Earnings based on the Number of Articles.

You have to prepare an excel sheet with your articles list and send it to us in the end of every month to process the payments.

Payments will be processed on first week of every month, usually 1st or 2nd dates.

We use GooglePay for payments within India and PayPal for others. So make sure you have the account for the payments

We do not allow you to reproduce/publish the submitted articles anywhere else, either for personal/commercial purposes.

Note: Already published articles or relevant articles are not required to submit again. so it is mandatory to share article title & take confirmation before writing the article.

If you are interested, mail your latest cv to  [email protected]

Learn & Earn,

Share your knowledge with others,

Spare some Time & Help our community.