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Instrumentation Engineers Part Time Job

S Bharadwaj Reddy


As a matter of fact, I planned to share PLC ladder Logic Programming tutorials or articles from over a long period of time. But these days i don’t have much free time to prepare the articles on PLC’s. Now let’s get these things done with someone support.

I am looking for a expert in PLC Ladder Logic Programming & related stuff.

Required PLC Programmers for major brands like Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE, Rockwell, etc.

Job Task :

  • Select a Topic (like Level control of a tank, Motor Control, etc which are common logic’s in our daily practice )
  • Write a Ladder Logic or you can use existing program
  • Simulate the logic, take screenshots of Logic, explain logic & record the simulation for the video.
  • Prepare Write up in the Word Document (include objective, ladder logic screenshot, description of the program, I/O list, Results, Video)

How to select a Topic :

  • Your own topic as per your experience
  • If you have some old PLC logic backups, then select some logic part for refernce & prepare a topic
  • Search on Internet for the topics ( for reference only)
  • I will give you some topics

Example Topics for your Reference : Click Here to Download

Interest to Share articles other than PLC or control systems, please contact on mail with your interests

Common Mistakes to Avoid : 

  • Articles must be prepared by you.
  • Articles from internet, websites, books are not accepted but you can use them as reference.

NOTE : Re-publication of any published article is prohibited

Earnings :

Rs 300 to 500 /- per Article  (Indian Rupees)

Monthly  = 30days x 1 Article per day  = Rs 9000/- to Rs 15,000/- Per Month

There is no limit on number of articles per day

For normal articles : Rs 300/-  For Complex articles : Rs 500/-

If your article comes under complex then it will be mentioned otherwise it is a Normal article.

Monthly Payments.

Earnings based on Number of Articles.

The payments are considered as incentive only, to encourage/motivates the knowledge sharing. No one can evaluate your knowledge.

  • You can not reproduce / publish the submitted articles at any where either personal/commercial purpose.
Note : Already published articles or relevant articles are not required to submit again. so it is mandatory to share article title & take confirmation before start writing the article.

If you are interested, mail your latest cv to  [email protected]

Learn & Earn,

Share your knowledge with others,

Spare some Time & Help our community.

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