Mitsubishi PLC Programming Tutorials

This articles provides Mitsubishi PLC Programming Tutorials including How-to program Mitsubishi PLC and How-to take Mitsubishi PLC backup

How to Program Mitsubishi PLC


Download: Free Mitsubishi PLC Course

Start GX Developer SolfwareProject Menu

  • Select new project for create new PLC Programs.
  • Select open project for open software file.
Mitsubishi PLC Programming Tutorials
Mitsubishi PLC Programming Tutorials
2. Select PLC series and Type
Mitsubishi PLC Programming
Mitsubishi PLC Programming Tutorials
3. Start to program PLC
Programming Mitsubishi PLC
Mitsubishi PLC Programming Tutorials
4. PLC Programs.- Convert program (F4) to confirm with PLC.
How to program Mitsubishi PLC
5. Programming test.
– Click toolbar and select Start Ladder Logic test. Then PLC will simulate program.
– You can Force program by Shift + Enter
program Mitsubishi PLC

Mitsubishi PLC Programs Download

How to write Mitsubishi FX-Serie1. Connect your PC with PLC FX Series by
interface cable.
2. Open GX Developer PLC Programs.
Mitsubishi PLC Programs Download
  3. Select PLC switch to STOP Mode.
– PLC must in STOP mode when download PLC Programs.
Mitsubishi PLC
 4. Select Online -> Write to PLC ….
Mitsubishi PLC Download

 5. Select Model of PLC to write.

– In this case, I select FXCPU

6. Select Data to write to PLC.

– Parameter and program are necessary to write.

7. Select EXECUTE and Yes.

8. Software will show download status.

9. After finish to write, click OK.


How to Back up Mitsubishi PLC


The most important of PLC Programs is PLC back up. This article will show you step by step to back up Misubishi PLC FX series.

1. Interface Mitsubishi PLC with PC by interface cable. ( RS232, USB, Etc )

How to back up Mitsubishi PLC
2. Open GX Developer Software.

– Select online -> Read from PLC.

Back up Mitsubishi PLC
3. Select Main + PLC parameter -> Execute -> Yes

– To back up Main ladder and PLC parameter

Mitsubishi PLC Load
4. Waiting for read PLC Programs data -> OK
Mitsubishi PLC Save
5. Open Project -> Save as -> Create name for your PLC Programs back up -> Save.
Mitsubishi PLC LogicMitsubishi PLC Ladder Rung

Download: Mitsubishi PLC Course

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