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Support Instrumentation ToolsPending Requests :

1. Reversing Control valve actuator “fail to” mode: I want to reverse the “fail safe” mode of a Masonelian (MIL) make control valve   from “fail to  open” to “fail safe close ” and vice versa. Received Help from ” Babak Omidi “

2. We have a turbine flow meter, gas chromotograph & flow computer installed at our site, similar units installed at GAIL terminal also. How metering can be done with these two setups. GAIL (gas distribution company) people used to do turbine flow meter calibration, is it possible to do calibration on site for a turbine type flow meter. Please let me know the procedure if any.  Article submitted by Arunbalaji Baskar

3. why we measure coefficient of control valve  Article submitted by R. Jagan Mohan Rao

4. cdm probes  using in gas turbine model ge 9fa, principle, theory, working etc

5. Accelrometers which is used for vibration measurement in pumps and compressor are malfunctioning. While we use waky taky nearby the accelrometers i was reaching the maximum value of vibration from 4~20ma.

6. how to calibrate a weigh feeders, principle/working of weigh feeders

7. Kiln inlet analyser  (used to measure O2,CO,NO )

8. Kiln output –  (used to measure H2O ,NO,NO2,SO2,CO and O2)

9. SWAS analyzer and CEMS for chimney (continues emission monitoring system)

10. How will a field Junction box of conventional 4-20 mA connection look different from that of Foundation Field bus JB. Pl give good images. Received Help from ” Nilima singh “

11. Difference between Set Priority SR Flip Flop and Reset Priority RS Flip Flop Article submitted by R. Jagan Mohan Rao

12.  in a closed loop cascade control how to operate a control valve by forcing transmitter signal using FF in 475 field communicator

13. may i know the steps to loop check a Foundation fieldbus transmitter and control valve in a 475 or 375 communicator

14. what is IS CABLE AND NON IS CABLE ? Received Help from ” Nilima singh “

15. Can You give information about steam turbine HP valve and LP valve(Extraction) and ESV valve. Woodward’s governor 505E types and details.

16. how to use and read chart circular chart recorder for flow measurements

17. I request you to present a topic on DCS that covers Serial Communication with other systems and how it is done at the card level. How this is presented in the HMI/ or Workstation. What is a control network and data highway? What are the different levels in DCS? What are the different types of signals encountered in different levels? What is the difference between OPC connectivity? Where do you need a server? a gateway, router in DCS?

18. A waste heat recovery boiler main steam line flow transmitter (range 0-10000mmWC).at temp:-515 °c. How convert mmWC into tone per hour mass flow rate unit ? Can I use same transmitter for level measurement ?

19. how can we use a DP flow transmitter for level measurement, plz explain in detail. I am fresher, so plz tell me point to point.  Recieved help from ” Ludwich Pretorius ” 

20. Foundation Fieldbus Pressure Transmitter & temperature Transmitter calibration Procedure using HART Communicator. Pl share.

21.How does a redundant controller comes in line when the main controller fails??

22.How to determine the upstream and downstream pressure in a control valve !!!  Either in full close or full open in valve position

23. Basic concepts of PLC wiring. How-to, Do’s and Don’t etc.

24.  Barton Make Circular Chart Recorder. Can you help me out with the calibration procedures. Article submitted by R. Jagan Mohan Rao

25. I have using Honeywell DP Smart tx ST700 one side remote seal DC200 fill fluid and other side tubing. The vessel always in vaccume of around -2500mmwc. The hight of taping is 1940 mm. and sg of process fluid 1.02. I use wet leg method and refrence fluid is water. My problem is it shows wrong reading. when vessel is empty it increases. I try my best..but its not working..Please give me some suggestion and LRV URV value. Currently LRV = -1940 and URV = 38.8

26. JT Valve working principle (oil & Gas)  Article submitted by R. Jagan Mohan Rao

27. i am not able to find any technical write up regarding hydraulic  pressure required for  own hole or Subsurface safety valve . What is impact head pressure ,Well shut in pressure and safety margins are required to be considered during hydraulic pressure sizing criteria for down hole or Subsurface safety valve . If possible please advise the recommended standards where we can get  required guidelines.

28. how to review&verify hookup diagram for instrument erection

29. I want to know about the accepted % error and tolerance for Gauges and Transmitters (Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitter). If possible please provide me with the reference.

30.  How do we get value 1.157 (Conversion Factor) in formula Cv=1.157Kv Or Cv= 1.157×Q×sqrt(G/delta P). If any idea plz explain. I refer some books bt I don’t get any idea. Article submitted by R. Jagan Mohan Rao

31. Difference between Fieldbus, Profibus and HART Protocols

32. Please explain topics in Building Automation System, topics are  1) bacnet 2) the basics of BAS(Building Automation System) 2.1 Fire alarm system 2.2 security system 2.3 energy efficient system 2.4 controllers use to do BMS 2.5 hvac 3) communication & protocols used 4) Interview question on BMS 5) Some animation if possible

33. glass detector sensor


35. F&G oxygen transmitter, Methane transmitter

36. multistage control process vs case control

37. how to create a instrumentation loop drawing, say for  instrument air vessel

38. Multivariable transmitters


40. what is key phasor on turbine and howdoes it work

41.  would like to know more about Volume Tank requirements as below,

a. Used in control valve application.
b. Accessories for Volume tank
c. Working (Animation required)
d. Selection Criteria
42. For control valve seat leakage, now as per new standard ANSI-FCI-70-2013, Class V valves can be tested through air also. If possible, please can you share this standard also on this website. Thanks,
43. instrument fitter interview questions
44. details of hydraulic sov and possibly to control the valve with hydraulic sov with hydraulic actuator
45. does different types of flow measurements (venturi, vortex, RO etc) impact the performance of the antisurge control loop?

46. How to make PI tuning for Anti surge controller?

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