Proximity Transducer Operation

Proximity Transducer System Operation

Proximity Transducer System provides an output voltage directly proportional to the distance between the probe tip and the observed conductive surface. It

vibration probe mounting

Mechanical Vibration Switch Principle

Mechanical Vibration Switches provide vibration protection for low- to medium-speed machinery. An inertia sensitive mechanism activates a snap-action switch with

Eddy current Vibration Sensor Principle

Non-contact Vibration Measurement

Types of Non – Contact Vibration Measurement Path Measurement Capacitance Eddy Current Hall Effect Optical Speed Measurement Laser-Doppler vibrometer Seismometer

LVDT Principle

Contact Vibration Measurement

Types of Contact Vibration Measurement Path Measurement Potentiometer Type LVDT Type Speed Measurement Electrodynamics Seismometer Acceleration measurement Piezoelectric sensor Piezo-resistive