Electrical & Electronics Measurements Objective Questions – Set 3

Electrical & Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answer and Explanation as well as Notes.

MCQ on Electrical & Electronics Measurements

Electrical & Electronics Measurements Objective Questions

1. Assertion (A): A hot wire ammeter has a cramped scale.

Reason (R): The heat is proportional to square of current.

A) Both A and R are true and R is not correct explanation of A.
B) Both A and R are true and R is correct explanation of A.
C) A is ture and R is false.
D) A is false and R is ture.

2. A Lissajous pattern on an oscilloscope has 5 horinzontal tangencies and 2 vertical tangencies.

The frequency of horizontal input is 100 Hz. The frequency of the vertical will be

A) 550 Hz.
B) 625 Hz.
C) 400 Hz.
D) 250 Hz.

3. A Manganin swap resistance is connected in series with a moving coil ammeter consisting of a milli ammeter and a suitable shunt in order to

A) Reduce the size of the meter.
B) Minimize the effect of stray magnetic fields.
C) Obtaine large deflecting torque.
D) Minimize the effect of temperature variation.

4. Potentiometer method of DC voltage measurement is more accurate than direct measurement using a voltmeter because

A) It loads the circuit to maximum extent.
B) It does not load the circuit at all.
C) It uses centre zero galvanometer instead of voltmeter.
D) It loads the circuit moderately.

5. Which of following are needed both for protection and metering?

A) Instrument transformer.
B) Energy meter.
C) Wattmeters.
D) Power factor meters.

6. Piezoelectronic accelerometer

A) Should be used low frequency.
B) Have a low natural frequency.
C) Shoud use a monitoring source low input impedance.
D) Should not be used for high frequencies above 100 Hz.

7. Which of following statement are correct in case of power factor meter?

A) The restoring torque is provided by a controlling torque.
B) It consist of two coils mounted at right angles to each other.
C) Both It consist of two coils mounted at right angles to each other and the deflection is proportional to pahse angle between field coil and crossed.
D) The deflection is proportional to pahse angle between field coil and crossed.

8. The effect of load resistance is important in measurement of

A) Resistance of shunt.
B) Resistance of shunt winding.
C) Resistance of ammeter.
D) Both Resistance of shunt and Resistance of ammeter.

9. The measurement of very low and very high frequencies is invariably done using a frequency counter in which one of the following?

A) Period and frequency measurement modes respectively.
B) Period measurement modes only.
C) Frequency and period measurement modes, respectively.
D) Frequency measurement modes only.

10. A voltmeter using thermocouple measures

A) Average value.
B) Peak to peak value.
C) rms value.
D) Peak value.

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