What is PCS 7?

In this article, we will learn about PCS 7.

PCS means a Process Control System is an integrated DCS control system developed by Siemens.

It uses a Siemens Simatic hardware platform and TIA software.

In DCS, the location of the processor, I/Os, and servers are distributed throughout the plant. You can not find any defined central location like PLC.

PCS 7 is a hybrid type controller means it has both characteristics of the DCS and a PLC.

It uses an s7-400 CPU. In DCS term it is called AS-400. AS stand for an automation system.

PCS 7 Control System Layout

PCS 7 Control System Layout

Like PLC has a module to connect field devices and different devices to communicate, DCS also contain device arrangement to communicate with other devices.

At the top level, it has a device like,

  • PC based engineering system
  • Operator system client

Both are connected with the operator system server via a communication cable.

The communication protocol may be ethernet or a PROFIBUS, which is Siemens standard communication protocol.

Now we know that the operating system and client and main engineering system which then connected via a communication protocol. This top-level connection is called a terminal bus.

The operator system server is connected to another connecting device normally an ethernet switch. This level is called a plant bus.

From the plant bus, the connection goes to an automation system which is a processor AS-400.

From the processor, it goes to the I/O module. Field devices connected to I/O modules.

The operator system server is used to send and receive graphical representation to the operator server-client (HMI).

The automation system is used to solve the logic, monitor, and control the field devices.

Siemens PCS 7

Below is a typical structure of the PCS 7 control system.

Siemens PCS 7

The basic PCS 7 includes AS-OS engineering station which is called a Simatic manager. This is a modified version of the step 7 software.

The operator system client is an HMI software is based on WinCC professional.

In addition to the engineering station, it covers a wide variety of software like,

  • Continuous and batch control
  • Material pathway control
  • Intelligent process device management
  • Enterprise-wide data connectivity

I hope you have an idea about PCS 7 software and its structure now.

Still, you have a question, then put your question down in the comment section.

Author: Suhel Patel

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  1. I understand PCS 7 but I have one question. PCS 7 have signal force option as other DCS have like ABB. Force option lead us to temporary force any signal and work done with out tripping


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