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How to Create New Project Using Simatic Manager

This article is about creating a new project using the Siemens Simatic manager software.

Let’s dig into the procedure of creating a new project.

Step 1:

Open Simatic Manager. Click on “File” then click on “New”.

How to Create New Project Using Simatic Manager

Step 2:

Following window will pop-up. Write the name of the project and hit “ok”.

Simatic New Project

Step 3:

Right-click on “PROJECT” that is the name of the project which I have written in the last window. Go to “insert new object” and select “Simatic 300 station”.

Creating a Project in Siemens Step 7

Step 4:

After adding Simatic 300 station it will add as shown in below window.


Step 5:

As shown in the above window if you hit double click on Simatic 300 then following window will open. “Hardware” added to the project.

Simatic Hardware

Step 6:

Double click on “Hardware” will pop-up new window as shown below.

SIMATIC Configuration

Now here, we have to select Simatic 300 station and expand it. 1st we have to add “rack”.

Step 7:

Now for Siemens PLC after adding rack(rail), in 1st slot we have to add a power supply, in 2nd slot add CPU, 3rd slot is only used for “interface module (IM)”. If you don’t have IM then leave this slot empty. In 4 to 11 slot we can add SM-signal module (input/output module).

How to write a Siemens S7 300 Program

Step 8:

While adding CPU you will receive below pop-up. Here, the default address is “2”, leave as it is and hit “ok”.

Siemens Profibus Interface DP

Step 9:

As explained in step number 7, add all the block, choose CPU and other elements as per your physical module. For the practical purpose, you can use any CPU.

After adding all element click on the icon as shown in the below window to “save and compile”.

simatic manager tutorial

Step 10:

After “save and compile” project go to the main window and expand “CPU”, where you can find “block”. Select block and you can find “OB”.

How to learn Siemens PLC

Step 11:

Clicking on “OB” will pop-up below the window. Select Ladder language and hit “ok” to enter in the programming environment.

Siemens Organization Block

Step 12:

Let write a small program on DOL starter to see the programming environment and its interface.

Following is the program of the DOL starter: pressing I0.0 (PB) will set Q4.0 (MOTOR) and will remain ON despite releasing INPUT due to latching concept. Pressing I0.1(STOP_PB) will stop the Motor.

Configuration the Simatic Manager

Author: Suhel Patel

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How to Create New Project Using Simatic Manager

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