Instrumentation Books Download

Download the instrumentation, electrical engineering, electronics, PLC, and Industrial automation books from the Inst Tools website.

Instrumentation Books

1Instrumentation Basics835 KBClick Here
2Instrumentation Engineers Handbook6.6 MBClick Here
3Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation4.11 MBClick Here
4Instrumentation Tutorial 126 KBClick Here
5Instrumentation Tutorial 2393 KBClick Here
6Instrumentation Tutorial 3121 KBClick Here
7Instrumentation Tutorial 462 KBClick Here
8Instrumentation Mistakes151 KBClick Here
9Instrumentation Sensors Book2.73 MBClick Here
10Remote Instrumentation96 KBClick Here
11Lessons in Industrial Instrumentation30.65 MBClick Here
12Orifice Flow Measurement6.82 MBClick Here
13Process Control Instrumentation1.11 MBClick Here
14Orifice Meter3.32 MBClick Here
15Engineering Definitions429 KBClick Here
16Measurement control basics9.15 MBClick Here
17Basic Instrumentation Measuring Devices and PID Control835 KBClick Here
18Measurements and Instrumentaion1.88 MBClick Here
19Fluid Flow Instrumentation316 KBClick Here
20Non-Contact Temperature Measurement1.83 MBClick Here
21Force Measurement1.31 MBClick Here
22Flow and Level Measurement2.18 MBClick Here
23Measurement262 KBClick Here
24Control Valve Handbook3.78 MBClick Here
25Cavitation in Control Valves1.66 MBClick Here
26General electronic instrumentation554 KBClick Here
27Classification of Hazardous Areas (Zoning)47 KBClick Here
28Foundation Fieldbus391 KBClick Here
29Flow Calibration158 KBClick Here
30HAZOP346 KBClick Here
31Instrumentation Standard926 KBClick Here

Industrial Automation Books

1Programmable Logic Controller PLC Book4.85 MBClick Here
2What is Industrial Automation1.16 MBClick Here
3Instrumentation and PLC2.22 MBClick Here
4Basics of Industrial Automation2.98 MBClick Here
5Industrial Communication Systems3.1 MBClick Here
6Industrial Automation Devices477 KBClick Here
7HART, EDDL, FDT, DTM, MMS, OPC4.41 MBClick Here
8IEC61850788 KBClick Here
9Inputs and Outputs Fieldbus525 KBClick Here
10SCADA Operator Interface2.49 MBClick Here
11Control Systems Dependability1.32 MBClick Here
12Programming Languages for Industrial Automation667 KBClick Here
13Real Time Programming390 KBClick Here
14Real-time operating system274 KBClick Here
15Hydraulic Servo System2.57 MBClick Here
16PLC Primer238 KBClick Here
17PLC Glossary89 KBClick Here
18Basics of PLCs3.84 MBClick Here
19Data Acquisition1.28 MBClick Here
20Control Systems14.45 MBClick Here
21Programmable Logic Design3.21 MBClick Here
22DCS or PLC212 KBClick Here

Electrical Engineering Books

1Lessons In Electric Circuits: Volume II – AC4.3 MBClick Here
2Lessons In Electric Circuits: Volume III – Semiconductors4.3 MBClick Here
3Lessons In Electric Circuits: Volume IV – Digital3.93 MBClick Here
4Lessons In Electric Circuits: Volume V – Reference3.45 MBClick Here
5Lessons In Electric Circuits: Volume VI – Experiments843 KBClick Here
6Lessons In Electric Circuits : Volume VI – Experiments3.84 MBClick Here
7Electrical Engineering Book Volume 12.24 MBClick Here
8Electrical Engineering Book Volume 21.72 MBClick Here
9Electrical Engineering Book Volume 31.19 MBClick Here
10Electrical Engineering Book Volume 42.64 MBClick Here

More books will be updated soon.

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27 thoughts on “Instrumentation Books Download”

  1. First attempt to download a book from your long list = first fiasco (…. Handbook for Control Valve Sizing – page not available). Probably many other are in the same situation. This Web site used to be a serious one. Better post a shorter list but correct one!

    Thanks anyway for your efforts!

    • Download Link Updated. Now check again.
      Also there is a chance of Download Links may get disabled due to any copyright claims or Author may change on his own etc. Note : These are not uploaded by Inst Tools.

  2. First of all.. I would like to thanks to you from core of heart. This is really amazing collection for instrumentation engineer. I will be learn each and every thing from here.. Once again thanks a lot sir.

  3. Good job for providing this kind of information there a Lot of helpful to beginners engineer
    Thank u for your information

  4. I want to download following books:

    1. Instrumentation Handbook by Considyne
    2. Handbook of instrumentation – Liptek
    3. Flow measurement by Spink

  5. I want developed skill in instrumentetion really i have a knwoledge but in usa we need to learn more than you know.

  6. I am a teacher of Instrumentation and Process Control and I am very interested in the material offered to support my classes.


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