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Solenoid Valve Selection Criteria

The following factors are important in making the right commercial and technical choice for Solenoid Valve Selection Criteria:

Solenoid Valve Design

– Valve actuation

– Number of ways

  • 2/2 Valve
  • 3/2 Valve

– Switching function

  • normally closed (NC)
  • normally open (NO)

– Connection size

  • flow rate
  • kv (flow coefficient) value
  • Type of connection
  • threaded
  • flanged
  • weld ends

– Working pressure

  • upstream of valve
  • downstream of valve
  • differential pressure
  • vacuum

– Process fluid

  • neutral to aggressive
  • gas to liquid
  • filtered to contaminated

– Fluid temperature

  • range from – to + °C

– Ambient temperature

  • range from – to + °C
  • ambient atmosphere

– Solenoid power supply

  • voltage
  • current
  • frequency

– Protection classification

  • IP
  • EEx

– Control fluid supply

  • control fluid
  • control pressure
  • temperature of control fluid from – to + °C
  • ambient temperature from – to + °C

– Accessories and options

– Safety requirements

  • TÜV approval/test certificates
  • specific certifications

Reference : Norgren

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Grt info and i would like to add one more thing can we add the line or block diagram for more clarity.


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Solenoid Valve Selection Criteria

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