Flare Ultrasonic Flow Meter – SOPAS Engineering Tool

In this article, we will learn the procedure of using the SOPAS engineering tool of SICK ultrasonic flare flow meter software.

Procedure for working with Flare Flowmeter with SICK software.

SOPAS Engineering Tool

We can use the SOPAS software for configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of SICK flow sensors.

Step 1:

Open SOPAS engineering tool (software).

Flow Sick SOPAS engineering tool

Step 2:

Select connect to new device

Step 3:

Select the standard protocol and USB selection.

Flow SICK Software

Step 4:

Then below screen will be opened and press the Next. (It will show the FT tag number )

Select the required flow meter.

Sick Flow meters

Step 5:

Now go to Login

User Level: service,

Password: service

SICK Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

Step 6:

On your Left side, New project -> overview measuring point 1 -> Maintenance -> Maintenance mode.

(Click on this, the below window will open, and there click on the check box and click on set maintenance. Then Maintenance mode bubble will become yellow color)

Flow Meter Maintenance Mode


To change Measuring from External value to Constant value or vice versa.

(External value means direct transmitter reading & constant means forcing to some value).

So MCU-P -> Measuring point-1 -> Analog input parameter

Flow computer for gas metering with SICK

Step 8:

Once work has finished save it to desktop with some file name and date.

To disconnect it, Go to Maintenance -> Maintenance mode -> remove selection on check box & click on set maintenance than the yellow color bubble will fade out.

SICK Flow Sensors

Step 9:

Then Logout from the device (CTRL+U)

Flare Ultrasonic Mass Flow Meter

Credits: PLQP Instrumentation Team

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