Procedure for Connecting Allen Bradley PLC and PC – RS Logix 500

In this article, we will learn the step-by-step procedure of connecting the Allen Bradley PLC and a PC (computer) in RS Logix 500 programming software.

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Procedure for Connecting Allen Bradley PLC and PC

Follow the below-mentioned steps to connect an Allen Bradley PLC and a computer using RS Logix 500 software.

Step 1:

Connect an Ethernet cable between PLC & PC and Enter the following IP address credentials.

IPv4 Address:

IPv4 Subnet Mask:

IPv4 Default Gateway:

Note: You may have different IP addresses based on your plc project.

Step 2:

Double-click the backup program to open it.

Procedure for connecting to Allen Bradley RS Logix 500 PLC

Step 3:

Then go to the “Comms” menu and select “Go Online”.

Go Online in RS Logix 500 PLC

Step 4:

If communication is established, the flag will be rotating as shown in the figure.

Allen Bradley PLC communication is established

Step 5:

Now the PLC program is online, do your activities like testing, troubleshooting, checking the I/O’s status, the configuration of a new instrument, etc.

Step 6:

After completion of your work with the PLC program, we have to take a fresh plc project backup.

Go to “File” and select “Save as” and specify the path to take backup of the PLC program.

Step 6:

Go to the “Comms” menu and select “Go Offline”.

Go Offline in Allen Bradley PLC Software

Step 7:

Go to the “File” menu and select “Exit” to close the application.

Exit the PLC Software

Credits: PLQP Instrumentation Team

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