Create Logic with InTouch Scada using Scripting

Learn how to create logic using Wonderware InTouch SCADA software using the scripting language.

InTouch Scada Scripting

There are six types of logic gates. We can create a voting system using them and also, we can create PLC programming logic using a combination of them.

Here I will create a script to turn ON lamp by using all logic gates. To do that so, open InTouch application.

Step 1:

Create a new project and enter an animation environment as shown in the below window.

InTouch Project

Step 2:

Go to the wizard as shown in the below window. And add a switch and lights. As we are using six logic gates we will add twelve switches and six lamps.

Wizard Selection in InTouch Scada

Step 3:

Add all the objects as shown in the below window. Give tag name as per text. Do read my article on it.

Assign Tag names in InTouch scada

Step 4:

Right-click on the display as shown in the below window. Select “windows script”.

Windows Script in InTouch Scada

Step 5:

The following scripting window will open. Select condition type. In “on a show” it will always remain starting condition.

In “while showing” option, we have to write a script to operate switch and lamp. Also, select every and enter some time in it.

InTouch HMI Scripting

Step 6:

Here, I have added an initial condition as shown below. It always remains zero.

SCADA Scripts

Step 7:

In “while showing” I have written condition to turn OFF and ON gate, based on the type of logic gate and lamp will turn ON accordingly.

intouch show window script

Step 8:

After writing down condition click on “validate” than “convert” and then hit “ok”.

To test the logic click on “runtime” located on the top right of the below.

InTouch SCADA Condition script Tutorial for Beginners

Step 9:

When switches are OFF NAND, NOR AND XNOR gates will remain ON.

Switch Simulation in InTouch Scada

Step 10:

When S1 is ON then OR, NAND, and XOR gate’s lamp will turn ON.

Logic Gates in InTouch Scada

Step 11:

When S2 is ON then OR, NAND, and XOR gate’s lamp will turn ON.

InTouch SCADA scripting language

Step 12:

When both S1 and S2 are ON then the lamp of AND, OR and XNOR will turn ON.

Creating Logic in Intouch Using Scripting

Author: Suhel Patel

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