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Communication between InTouch Scada and Allen Bradley PLC

This article is about communication between InTouch SCADA and Allen Bradley PLC with a ladder logic example with screenshots.

InTouch Scada and Allen Bradley PLC

Do follow the below steps for establishing the communication process.

Step 1:

Open RSlogix software along with RSlinx and emulator.

Step 2:

Create a new project in RSlogix and established communication with an emulator.

Step 3:

Open InTouch SCADA software.

Step 4:

As you can see in the below window of RSlogix I have created a small example with one input and output.

In branch, I have use memory bit which we will use in SCADA to give a command.

RSLogix Micro Starter Lite

Step 5:

Now, let open RSlinx. Click on option “DDE/OPC” and choose “topic configuration”.

RSLinx Configuration

Step 6:

Following window will pop-up. Choose “New” to proceed.

DDE OPC Configuration

Step 7:

Create a new topic as I have created communication and choose communication protocol. Click “apply” then “done” to proceed.

MicroLogix 1000

Step 8:

Now open InTouch SCADA. Create a new project.

As we have used one input and output we have to create one input button and output button as shown in the below window.

InTouch Window Maker

Step 9:

Hit double click on a button will open up the following window. Choose “Discrete” will open up a new window.

Discrete Inputs in InTouch

Step 10:

Give a name to button and hit “ok” to proceed.

Tagname in InTouch

Step 11:

Choose I/O Discrete in the “Type” option. Then click on “access name”.

Write a bit address in “item” for input which we have used in the programming software (check step no. 4).

InTouch Access Name

Step 12:

Clicking on Access name will open another window. Click on “add” as shown in the below window.

InTouch Tagname Dictionary

Step 13:

This is a very important step to establish communication.

Access: Give any name

Application name: RSlogix

Topic name: communication (the same name we have used in step no. 7)

Choose “DDE” as a communication protocol and hit “ok” to proceed.

Add Access Name in Scada

Step 14:

After configuration hit “save” and close the pop-up.

Save InTouch Scada

Step 15:

For output, we have select “fill color” property and choose “Discrete”.

Fill Color InTouch Scada

Step 16:

Do follow the same procedure for output as shown in the below window.

Type of IO in InTouch Scada

Step 17:

Communication has established. Test the logic. Keep a window in “runtime” and put CPU in “run” mode.

As you can see in the below window output gets energized if I give the command from SCADA.

Communication between Intouch Scada and Allen Bradley PLC

Author: Suhel Patel

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Pradeep May 19, 2020 at 2:40 pm

is intouch scada free version is available?

Suhel Patel May 19, 2020 at 8:27 pm

Yes, available


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Communication between InTouch Scada and Allen Bradley PLC

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