Free Industrial Control System (ICS) Cyber Security Training Course

Instrumentation Tools offers you a free industrial control system (ICS) cyber security training course for automation engineers.

The cybersecurity course will be updated with new topics on weekly basis.

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Cyber Security Training Course

Free Industrial Control System (ICS) Cyber Security Training Course

The below table shows the list of all topics in this Cybersecurity training course.

S.No.Control System Cybersecurity Training CourseVideos
1Distributed Control System (DCS) OverviewVideo
2Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) OverviewVideo
3Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) OverviewVideo
4Building Automation and Control System (BACS) OverviewVideo
5Safety Instrumented System (SIS) OverviewVideo
6Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) OverviewVideo
7Purdue Model for Industrial Control System (ICS)Video
8Difference between OT and IT NetworksVideo
9Operational Technology vs Information TechnologyVideo
10Compare Operational and Information TechnologyVideo
11Cyberattacks: Problems faced in industries because of cybersecurityVideo
12What is Cybersecurity?  Video
13Components to Secure in cybersecurityVideo
14Defense in Depth PrincipleVideo
15ICS Security Architecture – Layered ApproachVideo
16Identification and Authentication in CybersecurityVideo
17Control System Audit Records and Use controlVideo
18Control System Integrity (IACS)Video
19Data Confidentiality, Encrypt, Restrict AccessVideo
20Control System Network Segmentation Data FlowVideo
21Timely Response to Events & Monitoring of DataVideo
22Control System Availability, Failure, Fault, Redundancy, BackupVideo
23Asset Management in CybersecurityVideo
24Network Segmentation in CybersecurityVideo
25Network Discovery in CybersecurityVideo
26Intrusion Detection in CybersecurityVideo
27Secure Remote Access in CybersecurityVideo
28SIEM Solutions in CybersecurityVideo
29Endpoint protection inCybersecurityVideo
30Conclusion and Summary of CybersecurityVideo

The industrial automation cybersecurity training course will be updated with more topics and these will be updated on this page.

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