Set the S5 Timer Value by a Memory Word

Write a PLC program so you can set the time value of S5 timer using a memory word.

For instance use an on delay timer so that when the selector switch is ON, the motor runs after an adjusted time value, this time value can be set by the operator from an HMI.

Note: the best practice to learn the PLC programming is to start writing the PLC program, take your time before you review the answer. 

Inputs & outputs

I0.0: selector

Q0.0: motor

S5 Timer Value by a Memory Word

Set the S5 timer value by a memory word

Network 01

Convert the MW0 from an integer to a BCD format in MW2, where the MW0 is the memory connected to the HMI, and MW2 is the memory that will be moved to the TV in the timer T0.

The TV in the timer should be a BCD format and the value set in the MW0 is in milliseconds.

Network 02

When the selector is ON the on delay timer is energized and sets the motor to ON after a time delay entered to MW0.

Author: Karim Ali Anwar

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