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PLC based Door Open and Closing System

We have come across automatic door opening system in shopping malls; working of such automatic system using PLC based Door Open and Closing System.

PLC based Door Open and Closing

PLC based Door Open and Closing System

List of Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and Outputs for PLC based Door System

PLC Program

PLC Ladder Logic Door Open and Closing System

Logic Description


Latching rung to operate the system through Master Start and Stop PB.


When object detecting sensor detects people over there in a range,Will turn ON Opening door motor until open limit switch turned ON.


In the absence of people in the range, Timer is used to give 10s to turn ON closing door motor

RUNG 0003

Closing motor turned ON until closed limit switch ON.

Note: For Interlocking, normally closed switch of open door motor and closed door motor is used in Rung 0002 and Rung 0003.


The above explained automatic door opening system is for example only. It may vary from real time.

Author : Hema Sundaresan

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PLC based Door Open and Closing System

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