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Solenoid Valve Functional Testing

Solenoid Valve Functional Testing

Here we are discussing about how to check or functional test a solenoid valve using instrument air supply.

  • Air supply is connected to the Air Filter Regulator (AFR)
  • Set the Required pressure in the AFR and connect the outlet of AFR to Solenoid Valve (SOV)
  • Connect outlet of Solenoid Valve to a Ball Valve.
  • Connect a Pressure Gauge ( Test Gauge ) at the outlet of Solenoid Valve.
  • Test Gauge purpose is to check the pressure in the outlet line depends on SOV energization.
  • Ball valve used to stop the functional testing

Test Equipment:-

  1. Air Filter Regulator
  2. Digital Multimeter (optional)
  3. 24VDC Power Supply
  4. Test Gauge

Typical Test Set-up

Solenoid Valve Functional Testing
Functional Testing Procedure :

a. Check the manufacturer datasheet/instrument nameplate. Confirm the solenoid valve voltage/current ratings (consider it is +24V DC Device in our example)

b. Check the solenoid valve port configuration (i.e. either N.C. or N.0) (Assume it is N.C. in our example )

c. Hook-up instrument as per typical test set-up shown above.

d. Apply air specified set pressure to inlet port of valve and connect 24VDC to solenoid valve terminals.

e. Switch on power supply 24VDC, check the valve energize by monitoring the test gauge pressure (Pressure will increase)

f. Switch off the supply. and confirm the valve de-energized, check test gauge pressure again (Pressure will decrease)

g. Tabulate all result in Check Sheet.

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