Rotork Motor Operated Valve Basic Configuration

Motor Operated Valves (MOV) are generally used in large pipes where the torque required is high and only ON/OFF is used. MOV is not preferred for control applications.

Today we will discuss about Rotork Make electrical motor actuator.

The supply voltage is a 3-phase supply

We can control the motor-operated valve through FF, Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet, or Packscan system (it is a network loop controlled by a Rotork Master Station device available in a single, dual, or hot standby configuration. A single network can control up to 240 actuators. Cable length can be 20 km), through setting tool pro or through local switches.

Analog, as well as digital feedback (4 switches are available), can be configured as per our needs.

Rotork Motor Operated Valve

Let’s discuss some basic things about Rotork MOV (IQ series)

Parts of Motor Operated Valves
  • Hand Operation

Hand wheel operation can be done during any emergency situation. A clutch engages MOV for hand operation while power operation unlatches the clutch

  • Thrust base

To connect the body to MOV, an easily removable drive bushing is provided.

  • Local Control

Local switches provided for local control

  • Position Control

The hall effect magnetic pulse system is used to monitor the movement of the actuator

  • Terminal Compartment

Separate sealed compartment for 3-phase supply as well as control and feedback cables

  • Motor and Drive

The low inertia and high torque motor provided for easy operation. For protection, torque trip and high winding temperature trip are provided.

Infrared Setting Tool

The motor-operated valve settings and configuration can be done through a Setting Tool Pro (Infrared setting tool).

This tool has different buttons available on it as shown below figure.

Motor Operated Valve Infra-Red setting tool

The button functions/names are listed below

  1. Down Function
  2. Up Function
  3. Next function across
  4. Previous function across
  5. Decrease/change value
  6. Increase/change value
  7. Download/upload mode
  8. Enter
  9. Stop actuator
  10. Open actuator
  11. Close actuator

MOV Configuration

MOV has a local display, an open/close button, and a local/remote/stop button

In local mode, MOV can be operated locally through the open/close button

MOV can be operated remotely from control system

In remote mode, MOV can be operated remotely from the control system

MOV Valve Images

In stop mode, MOV won’t operate electrically.

Motor Valve in Stop Mode

Commissioning of Motor Operated Valve (MOV)

Let’s see how to set open and close feedbacks and set torque values which are widely used configuration settings in the motor-operated valves.

For setting any of 4 parameters, i.e. close feedback, open feedback, close torque or open torque, we need to enter the password and then we can access the menu.

NOTE: If MOV is close then GREEN LED will be ON and if MOV is open then RED LED will be ON as shown below

MOV valve close and open feedback

Below mentioned steps are common:

Step 1: Put MOV in stop mode using a local switch.

Step 2: Press down the function key, and you will be the Torque value as shown below

Motor Valve in Stop Mode

Step 3: Again press down the function key and you will be asked password as shown below

Valve Password Protection

Step 4: Press enter and you will see the password correct (If any other password is set then use the +/- key)

Electric Motor Password

Step 5: Now press down the function key again and you will see the basic/config option

Basic Configuration of Motor Operated Valve

Step 6: Go on pressing down the function key until you see MOV asking to set close feedback, move the valve to close position, and press enter.

Set close feedback in MOV Valve

Step 7: To set open feedback, press the Next function across key

Configure open feedback  in MOV Valve

Now MOV will ask to set open feedback

Then move MOV to open condition and press enter to set open feedback

Step 8: Again press down the function key and go on pressing until you see MOV asking to set Close torque and press ENTER.

Torque Setting in Valve

Use +/- to increase or decrease torque value after selecting it.

Step 9: To set open torque, press the NEXT function across key

Now MOV will ask to set open torque. Use +/- to increase or decrease torque value after selecting it.

Torque Switches in MOV
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