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What is Instrument Air Manifold ?

Instrument air manifold or air distribution manifold is a pipe shaped chamber (manifold) with several branches of outlets for delivering instrument air to multiple consumers such as control valve, actuated valve or other pneumatic operated instrument.

Instrument Air Manifold

The below figure shows the instrument air manifold header arrangement and instrument air supply branches.

Air Manifold


The number of outlet of an instrument air distribution manifold may vary depend on the number of nearby pneumatic instrument or valve.

Each outlet is fitted with block valve which could be of ball valve or needle valve type.

What is Instrument Air Manifold

Each outlet should have instrument tag number to which the outlet delivered the instrument air.

At the bottom of instrument air distribution manifold, a block valve is fitted for drain purpose.

This drain valve is required during maintenance to bleed the built-up condensed liquid.

Instrument Air Manifold Principle

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1 comment

Jim Rogers February 20, 2020 at 4:04 am

Can you get me a manifold like this description?

All manifolds must have a 1″ Inlet, 1/4″ to 1/2″ drain, and 1/2″NPT take-offs. IF possible, include lockable SS full port valves for all take-offs and drain.

Prefer manifold be SS but may be able to use aluminum block style. Should be no China components.

If so, please send me a quote!


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What is Instrument Air Manifold ?

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