Difference between PCV and PRV

PCV – It stands for Pressure Control Valve

PRV – It stands for Pressure Relief Valve

In one line :-

The difference is the Liquid stays in System after PCV acts and when PRV acts the Liquid is thrown out of system

i.e The PCV outlet is connected back to system not not to vent or sump (waste collection system)

Refer below image


Now on the contrary when relief valve acts it outlet is vented or collected in sump but never goes back to system

As the word suggest the contents are “RELIVED” i.e Thrown out out of the system

Refer below Image

safety relief valve principle

PCV works during normal operation and Relief valve is mean to act during upset condition

Relief valve comes in safety operation

PCV restricts the flow but does not alter the destination

PRV changes the destination of the Fluid when it acts .

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PS : This is as per best of my understanding I would be glad to know if there are any corrections

Author : Asad Shaikh

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