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Air Filter Regulator Working Principle Animation

Air Filter Regulator are used to remove liquid water and particulate matter from compressed air sources. These are ‘mechanical filters’ and do not remove oil vapors or chemical contaminants in vapor form.

Air Filter Regulator

Air Filter Regulator Working Principle Animation

Air Filters are characterized by the flow capabilities, the micron size of the filter media and the media type; screen, sintered plastic or metal or other material.

Filters will accumulate debris and must be cleaned and the media replaced on a regular basis. The service life of the media is generally based on no more than a 5 psig pressure drop across the device.

Air Filter Regulator (AFR)

When you turn the Adjustment Screw to a specific setpoint, the Spring exerts a downward force against the top of the Diaphragm Assembly. This downward force opens the Supply Valve. Output pressure flows through the Outlet Port and the passage to the Control Chamber where it creates an upward force on the bottom of the Diaphragm Assembly.

When the setpoint is reached, the force of the Spring that acts on the top of the Diaphragm Assembly balances with the force of output pressure that acts on the bottom of the Diaphragm Assembly and closes the Supply Valve.

When the output pressure increases above the setpoint, the Diaphragm Assembly moves upward to close the Supply Valve and open the Exhaust Valve. Output pressure flows through the Exhaust Valve and out of the Exhaust Vent on the side of the unit until it reaches the setpoint.

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Steve Webster December 2, 2016 at 2:08 pm

Interesting concept!

I love it!

Can a similar device be used to remove contaminants from water?
Kind of a water filter for removing non water items.

manish agarwal October 15, 2017 at 11:54 am

i want to learn about the selection of industrial chillers. Please help me to understand this.

Vishnu December 27, 2017 at 3:14 pm

Yes Steve it’s possible. But not to a level that suits human needs, maybe. Only physically contaminated particulate matter can be forced down this way. Just like how the particulate matter settles down when there is muddy water. Water processed like this cannot remove the chemical contaminants, if any.
The separation above takes place due to difference in their densities.


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Air Filter Regulator Working Principle Animation

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