Design Process Graphics in Factory Talk View Studio with an Analog Input

In this article, you will learn the configuration of Analog input (P-AIn) Process Graphics in Factory Talk view Studio.

We are going to Configure Analog Input as a temperature transmitter in FT view Studio with PlantPAx DCS Library 4.10.00.

It Helps you to view Analog Input as a better functionality with user-based objects which helps you understand and troubleshoot the operation.

Factory Talk View Studio Process Graphics

Step 1: Open Factory Talk View Studio SE Application as shown below and click on Local Station/Network Distributed as per system architecture.

Factory Talk View Studio SE Application

Step 2: After selecting the local station/Network Distributed click on a project created previously or create a new project.

PlantPAx New Project

In the language section, select the language appropriately or else it can lead to errors in process graphics.

Step 3: After Opening the Project Right Click on Display and Click on New, to create a new display.

FactoryTalk View Studio Process Graphics

Step 4: After creating a new project (I have created an Analog-Input display) open the P-AIN Graphics Library from the global objects section.

P-AIN Graphics Library

Step 5: Analog inputs in the library are applicable for the Analog input block, Analog input advance block, etc.

Analog inputs in library

Select and copy PV Indicated by value Analog input from the library as shown below.

Since there are other analog input display bars also but which we are selecting are standard one which has all relevant objects needed for operation.

Step 6: Once copied in the display, right-click on the object and click on Global Object parameter values.

Global Object parameter values.

In#102: Enter Object Tag

In#103: Enter Path

In#120&#121: If an additional display parameter requires then you can enter X (*) or CC, which means it will help you to display the parameter popup as per your coordinates set in runtime (It is optional).

In#122: Enter as value 1 and click on OK.

FactoryTalk View display parameter

Step 7: Same you can configure for required analog inputs such as Flow Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter, Weight Transmitters, etc.

Step 8: Click on the Runtime button to launch runtime.

FactoryTalk View Studio Runtime button

Step 9: Click on create SE runtime (Client file)

FactoryTalk View SE Client View

Step 10: write the file name as you want, I have written it as PlantPAx, and click on continue.

FactoryTalk Vie Studio File

Step 11: Select application type if it is a network distributed, then need to select HMI Server name and Initial Display name, if required you can select macros or else leave blank.

PlantPAx File

Step 12: Click on the Advanced button deselect all and select maximize the window and click on save and run.

FactoryView Talk Studio Client Window

Step 13: After clicking on run you will see Runtime Screen with Analog input as shown below.

Runtime Screen with Analog input

Step 14: Click on Analog Input to view Faceplate as shown below.

Analog Input to view Faceplate

Home Button shows Analog-Input value in units with trends as shown below image.

FactoryTalk View Studio trends

The settings button indicates your threshold and dead band values you can configure
here as well as in logic.

Raw Input in PlantPAx

This button indicates Raw input and Process value from raw input through scaling.
Note: Signal failure is showing because I have not connected any IO modules.

Process value in FactoryTalk View Studio

The alarm Button shows HI, HIHI, LO, and LOLO alarms tab, they will flash when the analog input value reaches beyond defined limits.

real time data in PlantPAx

Trend Button shows Actual real-time data or value of transmitter you can view logged value for a specific time.

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