How to Export Data from WinCC Runtime Advanced into Excel using VB Script

Data reporting is a very crucial process in Industrial Automation. These data can be of any type such as Batch Data, Alarms log, Process Data, Utility Data, etc.

This article will focus on the usage of VB Script to log data into an excel file.

What is VB Script?

  • VB Script is programming language developed by Microsoft.
  • It is very commonly found scripting language in various SCADA System such as Siemens, Schneider, Indusoft, AVEVA etc.

Why do we need to use any scripting language in SCADA?

  • Many a Times when you want to develop sophisticated and perfect SCADA with many features then to enable that features you have to use scripting language.
  • For Scalability of project.
  • Unlimited possibilities.

Export Data from WinCC Runtime Advanced into Excel

First, make these tags in the tag table.

Here we have added three tags as an example Flow, Pressure, Temperature.

Tag named excel row is for use of VB Script counting.

WinCC RT Advanced

Add a new VB Script and copy the code from this article.

Excel Reporting in Siemens SCADA

This is the complete code.

WinCC Professional Excel Report

Download VB Script: Download Now

Path of the Excel file.

Write data to Microsoft Excel file by WinCC

Excel file Starting cell number of every tag. Change this if you change the Excel file format.

WinCC TIA VB Script data logging to excel

Change these tags if you want to add new tags and do not change any other part of the code if you don’t have any clear idea.

Siemens WinCC VBscript

Configure the SCADA Screen with the following items as shown in the image.

WinCC data logging

For sample reporting, I have configured this button to trigger the excel data. Whenever I press the button new data is inserted into the excel report.

data logging in Wincc advanced

Configure the Alarm window with the following setting, it will be helpful to find any error in the script and troubleshoot it, if the code does not work as expected.

Configure the Alarm window in WinCC Scada

This Excel file formatting. You can change any format you like. But keep in mind the cell number.


Now close the Excel file and Start WinCC Runtime in Simulation mode.

Start Simulation in WinCC SCADA

Enter any values in the IO- Field and after that press the “Insert New Data” Button.

data logging functions of the WinCC

Now you can check the new data is inserted into the excel file.

Keep in mind to close the excel window whenever new data is added, otherwise, the script won’t work and result in an error.

Wincc data logging in Excel


VBScript has unlimited possibilities to make your SCADA work like charm. So, use this script for your practice and log any data in excel.

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