Process Control Automation PLC Quiz

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Process Control Automation Quiz

Process Control Automation PLC Quiz

1. _________ refers to the time for the process control loop to make necessary adjustments to the final control element.

A) Control lag
B) Process lag
C) Dead Time
D) Error

2. A transducer is part of a large circuit and produces the required output.

A) False
B) True

3. Whenever a process load change or transient occurs, it causes a change in the controlled variable.

The process control loop responds to this change to ensure that, after some finite time the controlled variable reaches the setpoint.

The part of this time consumed by process itself is called __________.

A) Hysteresis
B) Control lag
C) Process lag
D) Dead Time

4. It is that variable which is measured monitored and controlled?

A) Process variable
B) Error
C) Manipulated variable
D) Setpoint

5. The deviation of controlled variable from the setpoint is called________.

A) Error
B) Dead Time
C) Process Lag
D) Control Lag

6. _______ is a set of technologies that results in operation of machines and systems without significant human intervention and achieves performance superior to manual operation.

A) Instrumentation
B) Automation
C) Control System
D) Mechatronics

7. It is the variable which is manipulated to make the controlled variable at set point value.

A) Error & Gain
B) Control variable
C) Manipulated variable
D) Process variable

8. A transducer converts ________

A) chemical quantity to physical form
B) mechanical quantity to electrical form
C) physical quantity to electrical form
D) electrical quantity to physical form

9. __________ is an interconnection of components forming a system configuration that will provide a desired system response.

A) None of the Answers
B) Wiring
D) Automation

10. What is a process control system?

A) system to check the voltage
B) system to keep the parameters at highest value
C) system to maintain the parameters constant
D) system to keep the parameters at zero value

11. Feedback path element measure only input parameters.

A) False
B) True

12. Any variable which is measured as a differential value with reference to some point in controllers.

A) Gain
B) SetPoint
C) Error
D) Process variable

13. The main objective of a process control is _________

A) to control electrical parameters
B) to control mechanical parameters
C) to control optical parameters
D) to control physical parameters

14. A control system in which the control action is somehow dependent on the output is known as

A) Closed loop system
B) Either Closed or Open Loop
C) None of the Answers
D) Open loop system

15. The _________ is a function which describes the process and provides the information about other process parameters which influence the controlled variable.

A) All of the Answers
B) P & ID
C) Process equation
D) System

16. A good control system has all the following features except

A) slow response
B) good accuracy
C) good stability
D) less error

17. A process control system consists of ________

A) 8 elements
B) 2 elements
C) 6 elements
D) 4 elements

18. For studying detailed variations with time, one uses

A) Analog Indicator
B) Digital indicator
C) Integrator
D) Recorder

19. A controller, essentially, is a

A) amplifier
B) clipper
C) sensor
D) comparator

20. Physical parameters change due to ________

A) internal and external disturbances
B) power
C) current
D) voltage

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