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How to Work with Delta PLC Simulator?

In this article, I will discuss how to work with the simulator in the delta PLC.

Delta PLCs are quite popular like Siemens and Allen-Bradley, provide an easy interface and easy connectivity.

Delta PLC Simulator

To work with the simulator in the delta PLC, do follow the below steps to test the PLC ladder logic.

Download: Delta PLC Software

Step 1:

Open Delta PLC. The version I have is WPLSoft 2.9

Make sure that you open up WPLSoft in an administrator mode otherwise, you will face a time-out error.

In the “properties” section do the following setting to run the software in an administrator mode.


Step 2:

Now, open Delta PLC. Create a new project.

Create a new Delta PLC Project

Step 3:

The following window will open up.

Delta PLC Ladder Diagram Mode

Step 4:

Now, let’s write the PLC program to run 5 consecutive motors by pressing the push button. STOP button is used to stop all the motors.

In the delta PLC Input is denoted by X and output is denoted by Y.

Delta PLC Example Logic

Step 5:

Now, let’s test the program in the simulator. To work with the simulator first click on an icon as shown in the below window.

Click on this “code” icon to compile the program.

Delta PLC compile the program

Step 6:

After compile, click on the simulator icon as shown in the below window.

simulator icon in PLC

Step 7:

Now, click on the below icon to download the program to the PLC.

Write to PLC

Step 8:

Clicking on the download icon following pop up will open.

Keep the selection as it is to PC to PLC and hit “ok” to proceed.

PC to PLC Communication Mode

Step 9:

Click on the “online” icon to go to the monitoring.

Online Mode in PLC

Step 10:

At last, select the “run” icon to monitor the logic. Clicking on the run icon will turn the red color “STOP” to green “RUN”.

PLC Program Run

Step 11:

You can now see that you are now in the monitoring environment.

PLC monitoring environment

Step 12:

To test the logic do right click on “X0” and click on “set on” which will turn ON all the outputs.

On the release of the button, it will hold the output status in ON state as I have used “Y0” in parallel with input to latch the outputs.

PLC Bit Set ON

Step 13:

As you can see all the outputs are set now. If I release the button an output will remain turn ON.

Delta PLC Simulator

Step 14:

Turning OFF the input has no effect on the output.

Delta WPL Soft Simulator Software

Step 15:

Pressing the stop button will turn OFF all the outputs.

Delta wplsoft Programming

Author: Suhel Patel

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How to Work with Delta PLC Simulator?

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