PLC Motor Operation based on Time Cycle Sequence

This is PLC Program for motor operation based on time cycle.

PLC Motor Operation based on Time Cycle Sequence

Implement the logic in PLC for motors operation based on time cycle using ladder diagram language.

Problem Diagram

PLC Motor Working based on time cycle

Problem Solution

  • Total 3 motors are used in this logic. Each motor should run for a total of 15 seconds duration.
  • For the first 5 sec. time duration the previous motor should also run along with the first motor. For next 5 sec. first motor should run alone and then second motor should be ON for next 15 sec.
  • The ON/OFF sequence of all three motors should be as per table given below. The sequence should continue till start input is present. When start input is switched OFF the sequence should stop.

Motors ON/OFF Sequence Table

PLC Motor Sequence Table

List of inputs/outputs

List of inputs

  • START PB :- I0.0
  • STOP PB :- I0.1

List of outputs

  • Motor 1(M1) :- Q0.0
  • Motor 2(M2) :- Q0.1
  • Motor 3(M3) :- Q0.2

M memory

  • Cycle ON :- M0.0
  • Relay coil :- M10.0

PLC Program for motors operation based on time cycle

PLC Program for Motor Sequence Operation
PLC Motor Operation
PLC Motor Sequence

Program Description

For this application we used S7-300 PLC and TIA portal software for programming.

Network 1 :-

Cycle can be started by pressing START PB (I0.0) and can be stopped by pressing STOP PB (I0.1).M0.0 is cycle ON bit.

Network 2 :-

When cycle is ON, Main timer of 30s will start. Timer will turn OFF automatically after 30 sec by its own output (DB3.DBX6.0) or we can use relay coil (M10.0).

Network 3 :-

If main actual time is less or equal than 15sec, motor 1 (Q0.0) will remain ON.

Network 4 :-

If actual time is greater or equal than 10 sec and less or equal than 25sec, motor 2 (Q0.1) will remain ON.

Network 5 :-

If actual time is either less or equal 5sec or between 20sec and 30ses, motor 3 (Q0.2) will remain ON

Note :- Above application may be different from actual application. This example is only for explanation purpose only. We can implement this logic in other PLC also. This is simple concept of motor operation on given time cycle, we can use this concept in other examples also.

All parameters considered in example are for explanation purpose only, parameters may be different in actual applications. Also all interlocks are not considered in the application.

Runtime Test Cases

PLC Program for Motor Operation based on Time Cycle Sequence

Author : Bhavesh

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