Oil and Air Pressure Actuated Lifts Questions

Two pressure-actuated “lifts” are used to raise a heavy weight off the ground. One lift uses oil under pressure (from a hydraulic pump) while the other lift uses air under pressure (from an air compressor).

Each lift is equipped with a shut-off valve on the line feeding fluid to the cylinder, so that the piston’s motion may be halted:

Pressure Actuated Lift

What will happen if the weight were to fall off the lift platform after it had been raised up from ground level, in each case? Assume that the shut-off valve is closed (no fluid flow from the pump or compressor into the cylinder) when this happens.


Hydraulic Actuated Lift

If the weight falls off the oil-actuated lift, the piston will hold its original position.

If the weight falls off the air-actuated lift, the piston will rise substantially (perhaps even ejecting from the cylinder!) due to expansion of the air.

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Credits: Tony R. Kuphaldt

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