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Explain Operation of the Lamp Circuit ?

Explain the operation of the circuit ?

Explain operation of the circuit

Answer :

The blue lamp will be energized whenever the pressure switch senses a pressure that is less than 45 PSI.

The red and green lamps will both be de-energized whenever the level senses a level less than 1 foot 3 inches.

If that switch senses a level greater than 1 foot 3 inches, either the red lamp or the green lamp will energize (not both simultaneously!) based on the pressure switch’s state:

A pressure less than 45 PSI energizes the relay coil and energizes the green lamp, while a pressure greater than 45 PSI de-energizes the relay coil and energizes the red lamp.

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Credits : by Tony R. Kuphaldt – under CC BY 1.0

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