Instrumentation Calculator

Instrumentation Calculator: This tool is used to calculate Transmitter output signal in Percentage, mA & equivalent Process unit using the LRV, URV and Input details of transmitter.
This calculation tool is used to find out the equivalent Transmitter output using PV,URV & LRV.


VALUE    =  Process Variable
URV =  Upper Range Value  (Transmitter Max scale value)
LRV =   Lower Range Value (Transmitter Min scale value)
INPUT = Enter equivalent Transmitter input signal

1.For calculating the equivalent current 4-20ma, we have to enter PV, URV & LRV details.

2.The above calculation tool designed for all standard Transmitter signal conversion.

3.You can convert out of range signal also with the above tool.

(Example: URV = 100, LRV = 0 and PV = 110)

Download : Instrumentation Calculator Android App

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