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How to Create a Project in LabVIEW?

LabVIEW software is commonly used for data acquisition, instrument control, and industrial automation.

In certain applications, it is even used for testing purposes because of its accuracy during the simulation. LabVIEW is so Versatile and powerful It is even used in Data Science Domain.

Create a Project in LabVIEW

Creating our first project,

Click on the LabVIEW software.

LabVIEW software

Click on the Create project button. The project dialog box appears(Fig 2).

Create a Project in LabVIEW

You can see from the above image that there are many predefined templates available, you can use those templates based on the application you are going to create. For now, click on the blank project and click Finish.

The new project will be created.

Labview Project

You can save the project from the appeared window by clicking on File – Save.

Now the project will be saved, To create a Virtual instrument Right-click My computer and got to New, you can see an Option called VI which stands for Virtual Instruments. Click on that to create a Virtual instrument for your application.

Labview Virtual Instrumentation



After Clicking on VI the Front Panel and the block diagram will appear.

Front Panel is like a Process Visualisation of the application you built, Where you can add Graphs, Waveforms, Displays, and buttons to control.

Block diagram is the Code you develop for the application you build. The programming language of the LabVIEW is called G Code or Graphical code.

Labview Front Panel

Labview Project Block Diagram

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How to Create a Project in LabVIEW?

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