IoT based Smart Boiler Control System with Cloud PLC and SCADA

WECON smart boiler system adopts a three-layer structure system: application layer, network layer, and sensor layer:

Application Layer (Platform Management Layer)

The application layer is the interface between the IoT and users. It combines with industry needs, to achieve the intelligent application of IoT.

V-BOX Cloud Platform is the basic platform of the IoT application layer.

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IoT based Smart Boiler Control System

Unlike other cloud platforms, V-BOX can control interfaces, trend graphs, reports, alarms, mobile apps, etc according to different project scales and flexibly configure real-time screens. It can be completed by high school students who don’t know programming and are proficient in computer operations by collecting the data of each node as temperature, water level, and pressure parameters.

Then it can store and manage to realize the dynamic display of the entire test point and perform automatic switch machine control based on various information.

The layer can realize automatic alarm for abnormal conditions, such as limit low water level alarm and interlock protection, high water level alarm, etc. It can monitor the status of the boiler in real time and from multiple angles by installing a camera.

Network Layer

The transport layer is composed of various networks, including the Internet, broadcasting and television networks, network management systems, and cloud computing platforms, and is responsible for transmitting and processing information obtained by the perception layer.

V-BOX is specifically designed for cloud configuration and can be accessed For mainstream PLCs such as Siemens and Mitsubishi, data can be transmitted to the cloud server or stored locally.

It has the characteristics of remote query and break-point transmission to ensure the data integrity of the system.  

Cloud PLC and SCADA Boiler System

At the same time, V-BOX also supports advanced functions such as remote program uploading and downloading of PLC programs, and online debugging programs, which greatly reduces after-sales costs and travel expenses.

Sensing Layer

The data collection layer uses various sensors, such as temperature and humidity sensors, water level sensors, wind differential pressure sensors, steam pressure sensors, etc. to obtain various information about the equipment, and control PLC to collect data.

Platform Deployment: V-NET

By connecting the V-BOX of H-4G with the V-NET to quickly realize the networking of various mechanical equipment and system controlled by PLC, and realize unattended operation.

Users can quickly build the industrial Internet platform through the ‘what you see is what you get’ development method.

IoT Platform Deployment

The Goal of System Construction

The solution of V-BOX IIOT is to use the automatic control system of boiler manufacturers to carry out the conversion of various communication interfaces and communication protocols without affecting the normal operation of the boiler, centrally distributed boiler site parameters (such as furnace parameters, auxiliary machine parameters, operating parameters, etc.) and produce operation data (automatic water collection, remote real-time monitoring, intelligent warning, etc.) remote monitoring and date query of boilers at each place through the PC or mobile phone.

automatic control system of boiler manufacturers

V-BOX IIOT provides strong support for equipment operation and maintenance, after-sales service, equipment upgrades, fault alarms, and troubleshooting.

Application of Smart Boiler System

The optimized integration of boiler plant and pipe network is the remote real-time monitoring and management of the operating status of the boiler, the temperature detected by the sensor, the steam pressure, etc., to strengthen the management and control and realize the integration of management and control. It will establish a real-time data center to provide remote diagnosis methods for the technical team.

Through the collection of equipment and sensor data, it supports the optimal ratio of boiler facility management and scheduling options, provides equipment status monitoring, integrates production with equipment assets in real time, establishes complete status monitoring of important equipment, and associates equipment status with production conditions in real time fully reflects the static information and real-time information of the equipment, provides judgment basis for equipment maintenance.

Boiler Intelligent Control Cabinet

The control plan mainly adopts WECON PLC LX3V-1412mt, HMI PI307i, and V-BOX H-4G, with the interface being friendly and beautiful.

Boiler Intelligent Control Cabinet

Mobile APP interface

Mobile apps help us in many ways. some are listed below.

  • Remote monitoring of data.
  • Remote controlling.
  • Easy diagnostics
  • Remote vendor support
  • Online code modifications
Mobile APP IoT interface

Picture enlargement and shrinkage, convenient for viewing data and operation.

Advantages of the Smart Boiler Program

  • The system is modularization and hierarchically designed to improve efficiency, increase maintainability, and facilitate expansion.
  • Users can upgrade and replace the controlled hardware equipment without changing the software base on flexible hardware configuration.With the increase in the number of networked devices, the amount of data collected will be wider and more characteristic, which is conducive to the statistics of the horizontal and vertical data of the boiler, centralized detection of the boiler, refined management, and working efficiency of boiler. The goal of energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, low carbon, and safe production can also be achieved.
  • The strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability can ensure that the system operate reliably in the bad environment with strong electromagnetic interference.
  • Automatic fault detection function can improve the constructiveness of the system, and also provide a beautiful equipment department.


The emergence of IIOT has driven the rapid integration of large equipment management and information, which can effectively solve many contradictions and hidden dangers facing the industry today. We believe that with the continuous improvement of boiler informatization, boiler intelligence will also open a new period of rapid development.

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