Solenoid Valves Terminology

A solenoid valve is a combination of two functional units:

  1. A solenoid operator essentially consisting of a coil, core, core tube, shading coil and spring(s).
  2. A valve body containing orifices in which a disc, diaphragm or piston etc. is positioned according to the type of technology used.

The valve is opened or closed by movement of the magnetic core which is drawn into a solenoid when the coil is energized.

Solenoid Valves Terminology



Electrical part of the valve consisting of a spool wound with insulated copper wire creating a magnetic flux when energised. The coil is held in place on the tube with a retaining clip.


Soft-magnetic plug-nut moved by magnetic forces (flux generated by the coil).

Core spring

Spring which keeps the core in fixed position when the coil is de-energised.

Core tube

Stainless steel tube closed at one end, in- stalled to improve the magnetic flux of the solenoid coil upon energisation


Cover mounted on the valve body and incorporating a number of orifices.


Seal-tight diaphragm isolating the fluid from the control system.

Disc, valve disc

Sealing material on the core or disc-holder which shuts off the seat orifice.

Manual operator

Manual operation of the lever to open or close the orifices.

Manual operator spring

Drawback spring ensuring return of the pulse control device to its initial position


Orifices for fluid transit.


Stationary core pressed in the closed end of the core tube, installed to improve the magnetic flux of the solenoid coil upon energisation.

Retainer clip

Clip anchoring the coil to the yoke.


Moving part serving to open and close the orifices for the passage of fluid.

Seating or valve seat

Specially formed border of the main valve.

Solenoid enclosure

Metal housing around the coil for electrical and mechanical protection, as well as protection against ingress of water or dust.

Valve body

Main part of the valve with all ports and main seats

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