Types of Calibration

The types of calibration are broadly classified as follows:

  1. Mechanical Calibration
  2. Thermal Calibration
  3. Electro technical Calibration
  4. Optical Calibration
  5. Fluid Flow Calibration
  6. Radiological Calibration
  7. Medical Devices Calibration

Calibration Types

Types of Calibration

Types of Mechanical Calibration

Mechanical Calibration is further classified as

  1. Mass & Volume Calibration
  2. Dimension Calibration
  3. Pressure Calibration
  4. Force Calibration
  5. Torque Calibration
  6. Speed Calibration
  7. Acoustics Calibration
  8. Density & Viscosity 
Mechanical Calibration

Types of Thermal Calibration

Thermal calibration is further classified as 

  1. Temperature calibration
  2. Humidity calibration
Thermal Calibration

Types of Electro-Technical Calibration

Electro technical Calibration is further classified as

  1. Source Mode calibration
  2. Measure Mode Calibration
Electro Technical Calibration

 Major Instruments in Mass & Volume Calibration 

These instruments include

  • Weights,
  • Weighing Balance,
  • Micropipettes,
  • Pipettes,
  • Glassware,
  • Plasticware, etc.

Major Instruments in Density & Viscosity Calibration 

The instruments include

  • Hydrometer,
  • Lactometer,
  • Viscometer,
  • Flow cup,
  • Densitometer,
  • Alcoholmeter, etc.

Major Instruments in Dimension Calibration 

These instruments includes

  • Vernier caliper,
  • Micrometer,
  • Height Gauge,
  • Slip Gauge,
  • Plain Plug gauge,
  • Thread Plug Gauge,
  • Ring gauge,
  • Bore gauge,
  • Thickness Gauge,
  • Depth Gauge,
  • Protractor,
  • Surface Plate,
  • Sine bar,
  • Spirit Level,
  • Radius Gauge,
  • Feeler Gauge,  
  • Measuring Scale,
  • Sieves,
  • Steel Scale,
  • Measuring Tape,
  • Extensometer,
  • Length Measuring Machine,
  • Universal Measuring Microscope,
  • Profile Projector,
  • Dial Gauge – Plunger and Lever Type,
  • Dial Gauge Calibrator,
  • Caliper Checker,
  • Floating carriage Micrometer,
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines,
  • Laser Interferometer, etc.

Major Instruments in Pressure Calibration 

The pressure instruments includes

Major Instruments in Force Calibration 

The force instruments includes

  • Load Cell,
  • Force measuring instruments,
  • Push-Pull Meters,
  • Universal Testing Machines,
  • Tensile Testing Machines,
  • Compression Testing Machines,
  • Hardness Tester,
  • Impact Testing Machine, etc.

Major Instruments in Torque Calibration 

These instruments includes

  • Torque Wrench,
  • Torque Screw Drivers, etc.

Major Instruments in Speed Calibration 

The speed sensors or instruments includes

Major Instruments in Acoustics Calibration 

The acoustics instruments includes

  • Sound Level Meter,
  • Sound calibrator,
  • Audiometers,
  • Microphone System, etc.

Major Instruments in Thermal Calibration 

The thermal instruments include

  • Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer (SPRT),
  • Resistance temperature detectors (RTD),
  • PRT,
  • Thermocouple,
  • Thermometer,
  • Temperature Indicator,
  • Dry Block calibrator,
  • Temperature Bath,
  • Oven, Incubator,
  • Muffle Furnace,
  • Deep Freezer,
  • Infrared Thermometer,
  • Thermo hygrometer,
  • Humidity Chamber,
  • Dew Point Meter,
  • Data Logger, etc.

Major Instruments in Electro technical Calibration 

The electro-technical instruments include

  • Voltmeter,
  • Ammeter,
  • Multimeter,
  • Megger,
  • Multi-product Calibration,
  • Decade Resistance box,
  • Stop Watch,
  • Time Calibrator  Clamp Meter,
  • HV Tester,
  • Signal Generator,
  • Frequency Counter,
  • LCR Meter,
  • Oscilloscope,
  • Transformer,
  • ECG Stimulator,
  • AC/DC Shunts,
  • Phase Meter,
  • Wattmeter,
  • Temperature Indicator (Simulation Method), etc.

Major Instruments in Optical Calibration 

The optical instruments include

  • Lux Meter,
  • U.V.Meter,
  • Fiber Optic Cable,
  • U.V. detector,
  • Refractometer, etc.

Major Instruments in Fluid Flow Calibration 

The fluid flow instruments include

  • Gas Flow Meter,
  • Liquid flow Meter,
  • Rotameter,
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter,
  • Anemometers,
  • Ford Cup, etc.

Major Instruments in Radiological Calibration 

The radiological instruments include

  • Gamma Dose Rate,
  • Surface Contamination Monitors,
  • X ray Radiation Detectors,
  • Dosimeter, etc.

Major Instruments in Medical Devices calibration 

The medical devices or instruments include

  • Oygen analyzer,
  • Ventilator analyzer,
  • Incubator analyzer,
  • BP Apparatus (Sphygmomanometer),
  • Dialysis Machine,
  • ECG Unit,
  • Hematology Analyzer,
  • Infant Incubator,
  • Pulse Oxymeter,
  • Ventilator, etc.

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