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Installation and Calibration of Pressure Transmitter

This article covers the basic steps and brief guidelines for the installation and calibration of pressure transmitters used in the industries.

Guidelines for Installation of Pressure Transmitter

1. Install The Transmitter With Proper Support.

2. Use Proper Cable.

3. Keep Corrosive & Hot Process Material Away From The Transmitter.

4. Keep Impulse Piping As Short As Possible.

5. Keep Minimum Joints, Bends In Impulse Piping.

6. Keep Liquid Head Balance At Both The Sides Of Transmitter.

7. Avoid Sediment Deposits In The Impulse Piping.

8. Avoid Ambient Temperature Gradient And Fluctuations.

9. Check For Any Leaks in The System.

10. Provide Insulation If Necessary.

Guidelines for Calibration of Pressure Transmitter

Installation and Calibration of Pressure Transmitter

1. Isolate The Transmitter Properly.

2. Drain-All The Legs and Transmitter Properly.

3. Use Valid Calibration / Test Equipment.

4. Check For Any Leakages in The System.

5. Follow Calibration Procedure Given In Manual.

6. Check The Transmitter Output Repeatability Properly.

7. Please Update The Calibration Records.

8. Please Fill Up The History Card.

9. Take The Transmitter In Line With The Help OF Manifold & Block Valves.

10. Properly Plug All The Drains of Impulse piping.

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Installation and Calibration of Pressure Transmitter

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