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Sand Probe Functional Testing

Sand Probe Functional Testing

Test Equipment:-

  1. Gauges
  2. Pressure Regulator
  3. Hydraulic Pump

 Typical Test Set.up

Sand Probe Functional Testing

Functional Testing Procedure :

a. Check the manufacturer datasheet / instrument nameplate

b. Hook-up instrument as per typical test set-up.

c. Apply control pressure through inlet A and output B will show (control pressure) reading.

d. Simulate probe pressure by injecting line pressure through Hydraulic Hand Pump D, reading at gauge B will drop, (block and bleed  concept) and gauge C will show (control pressure) reading.

e. Tabulate all result in Calibration Check Sheets.

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azetou October 17, 2017 at 11:14 am

Thank you , Please add point D (from hand pump) in the drawing.


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