Fieldbus Flow Transmitter Configuration

Fieldbus Flow Transmitter Configuration

Suppose a FOUNDATION Fieldbus Flow transmitter (DP Type – Orifice) is connected to measure the flow of natural gas inside a pipeline.

The expected range of flow is 0 to 400 GPM and it generates an equal 0 to 135 inches water column pressure.

Determine the proper configuration parameters for this Fieldbus instrument’s Analog Input (AI) block:

Answer :

The Foundation Fieldbus Fow Transmitter have three important parameters to be configured.

The first parameter is “L_Type”, as it is orifice based DP type instrument, we have to select “Indirect Square Root” option.

The second parameter is “XD_Scale”, This scale is the pressure generates across orifice & which is 0 to 135 inches  WC.

The Third Parameter is “OUT_Scale”, This scale is the display range of actual units, which is 0 to 400 GPM.

Fieldbus Flow Transmitter Configuration

Foundation Fieldbus Pressure Transmitter

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