DCS Quiz

Test your knowledge with the 35 quiz questions and answers on the DCS (Distributed Control System) in the industrial automation systems.

DCS Quiz

DCS Quiz

Question 1:

In which of the following control strategies is a disturbance measured and effects compensated before they can cause the controlled variable to deviate from the setpoint?

A) Feedback
B) Multi variable
C) Feedforward
D) Cascade

Question 2:

When exchanging digital signals between two different control system then (e.g. DCS DO is connected to PLC DI)

A) Option A – PLC Side input shall be potential free
B) Both options A and B
C) Relay doesn’t help
D) Option B – DCS side output shall be dry (e.g. Relay contact)

Question 3:

When driving 110V AC solenoids from DCS DO card then

A) The relay coil shall be connected to the DCS DO card and Dry Contact shall be connected solenoid
B) The relay doesn’t help
C) Not possible. Change the voltage of solenoid e.g. 24V DC
D) The relay coil shall be connected to the DCS DO card and Contact shall be connected solenoid and relay contacts shall be wetted by 110VAC Bulk power supply

Question 4:

Loop Checking is a process of validating

A) Calibration, receipt verification, loop tuning, documentation
B) Factory acceptance testing, documentation, operating procedures
C) Terminations, wiring, documentation, device placement
D) Site acceptance testing, operating procedures, device placement

Question 5:

Changing the control program while the processor is running is called

A) On-line programming
B) Texting
C) Forcing
D) Off-line annotation

Question 6:

Which configuration is the safest (i.e., the one most likely to respond to a true demand)?

A) None of the answers
B) 2oo2
C) 1oo1
D) 1oo2

Question 7:

Select the true statement for PID tuning

A) All of the answers
B) Intergral or Rest – how long the PV is from SP
C) Proportional or gain – how far away the PV is from SP
D) Derivative or Rate – How fast the PV is changing

Question 8:

NO/NC contact position indicated on Relay is the position of the contacts

A) As per supplier’s product literature
B) When relay is energized
C) When relay is de-energised
D) To be checked individually for continuity

Question 9:

Which of the following terms describe a control strategy in which the output of one controller is used to manipulate the setpoint of another controller?

A) Feedforward
B) Ratio
C) Cascade
D) Feedback

Question 10:

First-out logic is used

A) to identify which is the first unhealthy cause
B) to identify which are causes are healthy
C) to identify which causes are unhealthy
D) None of the answers

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