Sensors and Transducers Test

Test your knowledge with the 25 quiz questions and answers on the sensors and transducers used in the industrial instrumentation.

Sensors & Transducers Test

Sensors and Transducers Test

1. A strain gauge is a passive transducer and is employed for converting

A) Mechanical displacement into a change of resistance
B) Pressure into displacement
C) Force into a displacement
D) Pressure into a change of resistance

2. An inverse transducer is a device which converts

A) Electrical energy into thermal energy
B) Electrical energy into light energy
C) An electrical quantity into a non-electrical quantity
D) Electrical quantity into the mechanical quantity

3. Certain type of materials generates an electrostatic charge or voltage when mechanical force is applied across them. Such materials are called

A) Piezo-electric
B) Photo-resistive
C) Photo-electric
D) Thermo-electric

4. S1: Transducer is a device which converts the physical into an electrical quantity

    S2: The transducer is also called a sensor.

A) S2 is true & S1 is false
B) Both S1 & S2 are true
C) S1 is true & S2 is false
D) Both S1 & S2 are false

5. The transducers that convert the input signal into the output signal, which is a discrete function of time is known as ___________ transducer.

A) Analog
B) Active
C) Pulse
D) Digital

6. In an LVDT, the two secondary voltages

A) Are always in phase quadrature
B) Are independent of the core position
C) Vary unequally depending on the core position
D) Vary equally depending on the core position

7. The sensitivity factor of strain gauge is normally of the order of

A) 1 to 1.5
B) 5 to 10
C) 0.5 to 1.0
D) 1.5 to 2.0

8. In wire-wound strain gauges, the change in resistance is due to

A) Change in both length and diameter
B) Change in resistivity
C) Change in length of the wire
D) Change in diameter of the wire

9. LVDT is an/a _______ transducer

A) Inductive
B) Magneto-striction
C) Resistive
D) Eddy current

10. Bonded wire strain gauges are

A) Pressure measurement
B) Exclusively used for stress analysis
C) Exclusively used for the construction of transducers
D) Used for both stress analysis and construction of the transducer

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