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Difference between Different Types of Flow Meters

Comparison of Different Types of Flow Meters

Comparison of Flowmeters

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Comparison of Flow Meters

FlowmeterPipe/sizeGas/LiquidAccuracyIdeal for measuringPrinciple
Orifice1” – 48”Liquid/Gas1%Mass flow / velocityDiff. Pressure
Venturi6” – upLiquid/Gas0.50%Mass flow / velocityDiff. Pressure
Turbine0.5” – 2”Liquid/Gas0.30%Mass flow / velocityRotating blades produce pulses
Positive Displacement1” – 24”Liquid0.50%Mass flowTraps a specific volume
Magnetic1” – 120”Liquid0.2 – 1 %Mass flowFaraday’s Law
Ultrasonic0.5” – 48”Liquid/Gas1%Mass flowSpeed of sound
Vortex0.5” – 16”Liquid/Gas1%VelocityEddies produce pulses
Variable area0.5” – 3”Liquid/Gas1%VelocityDiff. Pressure
Coriolis2” – 150”Liquid0.50%Mass flowCoriolis principle
Pitot3” – upLiquid/Gas2%Mass flow / velocityDiff. Pressure

Note :

  1. Pipe/Size may vary from make to make, Above shared details are for reference only.
  2. For measuring Mass Flow, appropriate Temperature/Pressure compensation, Density Factors etc… to be considered in calculations of the Mass Flow, if the instrument primarily a volumetric flow measuring device.

Comparison between Turbine meter and Positive Displacement meter

Turbine Flow meterPositive Displacement Flow meter
Indirect measurementDirect measurement
Requires upstream/downstream straight lengthsNo straight lengths required
Affected by fluid viscosityFree from viscosity effect
For a given small range, a smaller size compared to PD meterLarger size required to achieve a given flowrate range
 Lower operating/maintenance/investment costs Higher operating/maintenance/investment costs

Credits : N Asyiddin

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