PTFE lined 6” 300# butt weld end Plug Valves Leaks Stopped Forever

Root Cause Analysis (RCA): Urea Plant tight shut off impossible PTFE liner 6” 300# butt weld end Plug Valves.

Article Type:Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Equipment Type:Pipelines and Miscellaneous Problems
Author:S. Raghava Chari

Note: This root cause analysis (RCA) is from real-time scenarios that happened in industries during the tenure of two or three decades ago. These articles will help you to improve your troubleshooting skills and knowledge.

Author Observation

He disassembled the heaviest passing valve. A steel scale showed dented taper – the cause of the leak.

Obviously, the 6 mm wall thickness hollow plug caves in under closed condition line condensate pressure; hence the leaks

Author Solution

On his insistence, the vendor after few futile repair attempts furnished solid taper plugs. Passing Problems vanished forever.

Author: S. Raghava Chari

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