Auto Tiffin Box Filling Station

Hello Friend, today we will see how the food processing factory is packing the Tiffin box with the simple logic and timer-based process. These pack meals we enjoy in our day to day life.

Auto Tiffin Box Filling Station

Figure (a) shows the HMI screen for the operator from where the operator can start and stop the process.

Here the system has 3 sensors which act when the box come below them and as per the screen shown the box will get filled with

HMI screen for operator

Figure(a) HMI screen for the operator

  1. The Cream at the bottom of the box
  2. The rice
  3. The paneer pieces on top

The cream gets fills when the Tiffin box moves on the conveyor towards left in progress with the filling of cream, rice and paneer pieces on top.

Here the conveyor belt is moving continuously. When we start the process. As we can see, there is a timer connected to the initial stage which means the filling of the Tiffin box should be done by the system in 60Sec. if the system fails to or any disturbance arises the system will display fault or jam in process parameter.


The proximity sensor near each SOV facing downward sense the Tiffin box as it comes under the sensor, according to individual sensing the SOV for 1 to 3 gets acts. The SOV (Solenoid coil ) acts on 24V DC.

As we give DO from the DCS, the Relay acts and SOV gets open.

  • SOV-1 to 3 DO’s initially in OFF state
  • Sensor 1 to 3 DI’s initially in ON stage

The below figure(b) & (c) shows the implementation and IO’s count assigned for the Program.

Auto Tiffin Box Filling Station Logic

Figure(b) Logic

DO assigned for the Logic

Figure (c) DO’s assigned for the Logic

DI assigned for the Logic

Figure (d) DI assigned for Logic

Author: Jadhav Amit R

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