Digital Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions

Digital Control Systems Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1

The acronym DCS stands for:

(A) DeltaV Console Services
(B) Distributed Control System
(C) Direct Cascade Sequencing
(D) Differential Concentration Switch
(E) Digital Control System

Answer : B

Question 2

Many digital control systems utilize Ethernet as a communications network, because . . .

(A) no terminating resistors are necessary
(B) speed is not affected by traffic
(C) it is a wireless network standard
(D) it is fully deterministic
(E) it is robust and inexpensive

Answer : E

Question 3

Resolution refers to in the analog-to-digital conversion portion of a digital control system.

(A) the analog signal range
(B) how determined the designer was
(C) the number of active bits
(D) the speed of analog signal sampling
(E) the probability of hardware failure.

Answer : C

Question 4

Parity bits are used for the purpose of in digital systems.

(A) power monitoring
(B) error detection
(C) symmetry generation
(D) diagnostic monitoring
(E) time-stamping data

Answer : B

Question 5

A typical use for an integer variable in a digital control system is:

(A) Representing single switch status
(B) Representing power supply voltage
(C) Counting discrete events
(D) Trigonometric math operations
(E) Exponential math operations

Answer : C

Question 6

TIA/EIA-485 (formerly known as RS-485) is a digital communication standard with the following traits:

(A) Single-ended voltage signaling, multidrop
(B) Frequency Shift Key (FSK) signaling, superimposed on analog 4-20 mA
(C) Manchester encoding, multidrop
(D) Mark-and-space signaling, point-to-point
(E) Differential voltage signaling, multipoint

Answer : E

Question 7

FOUNDATION Fieldbus is unique in that:

(A) It has always been the leading fieldbus standard
(B) Data communication is entirely deterministic
(C) Power and data share the same wires
(D) Diagnostic data is communicated as well as process data
(E) Control algorithms may reside in the field devices

Answer : E

Question 8

A watchdog timer is a device or a programmed routine used for what purpose in a digital control system?

(A) To interrupt normal program flow and address an immediate need
(B) To check for errors in data communications
(C) To provide time delays for critical functions
(D) To monitor the operation of the microprocessor
(E) To signal the start of a new program cycle

Answer : D

Question 9

Digital control systems are generally superior to analog control systems, but they are always worse with regard to:

(A) Speed
(B) Diagnostics
(C) User-friendliness
(D) Flexibility
(E) Noise immunity

Answer : A

Question 10

A triple modular redundant (TMR) digital control system would be typically used for what purpose?

(A) To save energy (compared to other control systems)
(B) To control a potentially dangerous process
(C) To increase response speed for fast processes
(D) To save money (compared to other control systems)
(E) To minimize routine maintenance requirements

Answer : B

Credits : by Tony R. Kuphaldt

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