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PLC Program for Water Level Control Logic

Design a PLC program to control the level of a water storage tank by turning a discharge pump ON and OFF based on Low and High levels.

PLC Program for Water Level Control

Ladder Logic for Water Level Control


Logic Description :

  • Auto : if Auto Mode selected in Local Control Panel, then pump will be logically controlled based on Low Level Switch and High Level Switch
  • Manual : if Manual Mode Selected in Local Control Panel, then irrespective of Low Level Switch & High Level Switch Status, Pump will be controlled manually using ON/OFF button in Local Control Panel.
  • When the water level reaches low level then pump will be stopped.
  • if the level of the water reaches high point, the pump will started so that the water can be drained and thus lowering the level.
  • Indication Panel : This panel contains LED’s to show the status of the water level control. It has Pump Running, Low Level & High Level Signals
  • If pump is running then the Pump Running status lamp will be ON.
  • then, if Low Level Switch activated then Low Level Status lamp will be ON.
  • if High Level Switch activated then High Level Status lamp will be ON.

PLC Ladder Logic :

Manual Mode Selected, OFF Position and Water at Low Level

PLC Water Level Logic

Manual Mode Selected & Water between Low & High Levels

Water Level Control using PLC

Auto Mode Selected & High Level Switch Activated

Level Control PLC Logic

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PLC Program for Water Level Control Logic

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