PLC Program for Water Level Control Logic

Design a PLC program to control the level of a water storage tank by turning a discharge pump ON and OFF based on Low and High levels.

PLC Program for Water Level Control

Ladder Logic for Water Level Control

Logic Description

  • Auto : if Auto Mode selected in Local Control Panel, then pump will be logically controlled based on Low Level Switch and High Level Switch
  • Manual : if Manual Mode Selected in Local Control Panel, then irrespective of Low Level Switch & High Level Switch Status, Pump will be controlled manually using ON/OFF button in Local Control Panel.
  • When the water level reaches low level then pump will be stopped.
  • if the level of the water reaches high point, the pump will started so that the water can be drained and thus lowering the level.
  • Indication Panel : This panel contains LED’s to show the status of the water level control. It has Pump Running, Low Level & High Level Signals
  • If pump is running then the Pump Running status lamp will be ON.
  • then, if Low Level Switch activated then Low Level Status lamp will be ON.
  • if High Level Switch activated then High Level Status lamp will be ON.

PLC Ladder Logic

Manual Mode Selected, OFF Position and Water at Low Level

PLC Water Level Logic

Manual Mode Selected & Water between Low & High Levels

Water Level Control using PLC

Auto Mode Selected & High-Level Switch Activated

Level Control PLC Logic

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