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Automatic Bottle Filling System using PLC

Automatic Bottle Filling System is one of the example in PLC program using RSLOGIX 500.

Bottle Filling System

Automatic Bottle Filling System using PLC

Problem Logic

Step Conditions:

  1. Start and Stop PB is used to start and stop the process.
  2. Start is pressed Conveyor starts moving until the Proximity Sensor is ON.
  3. Then solenoid valve is open for 5 seconds. After 5s Conveyor should start moving.
  4. The above process should continue unto 3 bottles.
  5. Process should continue still stop push button pressed.

List of Inputs and Outputs

Bottle Filling System Inputs

PLC Program

Bottle Filling Ladder Logic

Automatic Bottle Filling PLC Program

Program Description

RUNG 0000

Latching rung to operate the system through Master Start and Stop PB.

RUNG 0001

To turn ON Conveyor motor, memory bit (B3:0/1 ) is used .

 RUNG 0002

To turn on Conveyor motor using memory bit of start latching PB and B3:0/1, it will automatically turn off when B3:0/2 turns on once Proximity sensor activates.

Timer done is connected in parallel to turn conveyor motor ON again.

RUNG 0003

Proximity sensor output saved in memory bit to use in previous rung.

 RUNG 0004 and Rung 0005

To store the status of proximity sensor B3:0/3 is used, Comparator block is used to compare counter accumulator value to stop the process once three bottle process had filled.

Rung 0006

To count the number of bottles, proximity sensor is given to up counter with preset value sets to 3.

RUNG 0007

Stop input is given to reset the counter.


  1. Memory bits are used to store the sensor output, since it is the simulation, sensor cannot turn off automatically.
  2. Memory bits are used to get the sequence of operation.


The above explained simple bottle filling system is for example only. It may vary from real time.

Author : Hema Sundaresan

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Automatic Bottle Filling System using PLC

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