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Jump Instruction in Siemens Tia Portal

In this article, I will explain to you about the use of the JUMP instruction using Siemens TIA PORTAL

The jump instruction is used to skip part of the logic or rungs during the program run.

Now, why JUMP instruction? You may ask. The simple answer is to reduce scan time (one of the advantages).

To jump unnecessary logic which we don’t want to execute while program in run mode can reduce the amount of scan time.

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Let’s dig deeper to understand JUMP instruction with the help of an example.

Jump Instruction in Siemens Tia Portal

Open TIA PORTAL. Enter into a programming environment.

I have added little program in the second network as you can see in the below window.

Jump Instruction in Siemens Tia Portal

Now, I want to skip that second network. To do that I have added JUMP instruction in the first network.

In the third network, I added a label, which indicates the location of the jump.

To use JUMP instruction, you have to define it. You can define any name but always remember to use the same name as the label.

Here in our case, I have used the letter “D” in both JUMP and label instruction.

You can see in the below window, execution of the JUMP instruction.

When you turn ON input in the network 1, JUMP instruction will execute which then goes to the label and execute the logic. (in our case it goes to the rung where the label is used)

You can see that when JUMP instruction is active, the second network is disabled.

Jump in PLC

As you can see in the below window that if I try to turn ON the input in the second network, the output won’t get energized.

As soon as you switched off input in the first network, the second network will be activated again.

Conditional Jump instruction

Author: Suhel Patel

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Jump Instruction in Siemens Tia Portal

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