Drilling Process using PLC Program

Drilling process is one the example Program in PLC using RSLOGIX 500.

PLC Drilling Machine

PLC based drilling machine

Step Conditions:

  1. Start PB is to start the process.
  2. At initial, Job in sensor, Drill up sensor should be in ON condition and job out sensor should be in OFF condition.
  3. When job in sensor detects object for drilling should turn on conveyor motor to move the object.
  4. When Position sensor detects object, conveyor motor should turn OFF and after 5 sec Drill forward Motor should ON until drill down sensor ON. After Delay of 5sec, Drill reverse motor should ON up to Drill up sensor ON.
  5. After 5 sec delay, Conveyor motor runs till job out sensor ON.
  6. Program run continuously till stop PB pressed.


PLC input output drilling machine

PLC Drilling program

Drilling Process using PLC Program
PLC Drilling Machine Logic

Logic Description


Latching rung to operate the system through Master Start and Stop PB.


To save the status of Job in sensor, Drill Up sensor and Job Out sensor, Memory coil is used.

RUNG 0002

when all the sensors are in Home condition, Conveyor Motor turned ON

Rung 0003 – RUNG 0004

Position sensor ON makes a time delay of 5 sec to turn  Drill forward ON up to drill reverse ON

Rung 0005 – RUNG 0006

Drill down sensor ON makes a time delay of 5 sec to turn  Drill reverse ON till drill up sensor ON

Rung 0007

After 5 sec delay, Conveyor motor runs up to job out sensor ON condition.

Program runs continuously until STOP PB is pressed.


The above explained Drilling process is for example only. Real time may vary in different logic.

Author : Hema Sundaresan

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