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Demo of a SCADA Software – Level Control System

Clicking on the below download button to download an executable SCADA software file that will run an interactive demo of a realistic simple non-linear level control system. You can adjust the plant conditions and controller settings and observe the responses in graphical form.

Note: some antivirus softwares may require you to ‘accept’ the download of this executable file.

Demo of a SCADA

Demo of a SCADA Level Control System

Features of SCADA Software

  • Users can adjust PID controller settings and Set Point.”
  • User-adjustable Manual Control output.
  • User-adjustable System Load.
  • Model of the tank being filled with liquid from a pump via a control valve.
  • Using the typical characteristics of a fixed speed pump and a typical control valve characteristic.
    Valve has 0.3% leakage when “Shut”.
  • The location of the working points on the pump curve and valve curve is illustrated.
  • Second-order lag introduced into line to control valve to make performance more realistic.
  • The tank outlet flow can be altered by a second valve to demonstrate the application of different loads to the system.
  • The tank outlet flow is a function of pressure drop across the outlet valve.
    The pressure drop across the outlet valve is a function of tank level plus fixed head (350) down the outlet pipe.
  • When the tank is empty the outlet flow is equal to the inlet flow.
  • When the tank is full the tank overflows.
  • A controller is PID where the derivative term only responds to the measured variable, eliminating excessive action from SetPoint step changes.
  • Gain adjustment 0 to 10, Integral adjustment 0.1 to 49.9 secs plus “Off”, derivative adjustment 0 to 10 secs.
  • Bumpless Transfer:
  • when in Manual, the Controller balances its output against valve demand by adjusting integral term initial condition.
  • When in Auto controller output is limited to 0 to 100%.
  • Anti-integral wind-up:
  • when at limit further integral action is inhibited unless tendency is to bring controller out of limit.
  • System performance is displayed on trend graph: Thin lines are controller internal values, thick lines are external (plant) values, pen colors match signal lines on the plant diagram.
  • All trend values are 0 to 100% except some controller internal values which are -50 to +50%.

Download SCADA Demo

Author: JK Controls (UK)

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Demo of a SCADA Software - Level Control System

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